Yes, You Can Customise Your Edelweiss Upright Piano

Using the Edelweiss Pianos Configurator you can quickly and easily customise your Self-Playing Grand Piano online, but most people do not realise you can customise our Self-Playing Upright Pianos too.

Of course, if you have the space a grand piano is widely regarded as the ultimate statement symbol for any interior – but the ‘humble’ Upright Piano can really be transformed into a showstopping centrepiece as well. Just before we move onto some specific examples, we have a really handy article here that is really helpful when identifying which piano is the best fit for your requirements.

Simplified down, there are three key customisation routes to follow with your Edelweiss Upright Piano and these are looked at in turn below:


Maybe the most obvious customisation option, you can have your self-playing piano in literally any colour under the sun: in fact, your upright piano can be as multicoloured as you like! Yes, you can have blue, pink, orange or red. Yes, you can have white, with black bottom board, silver legs and silver keywell! Yes, you can have black or purple, or … whatever colour you want.


Highly popular right now is the amazing Edelweiss Transparent U49 Klavier – combine colour with transparent brilliance and stunning internal mood lighting for a real showstopping disco-inducing centrepiece. Of course, you don’t have to include the lights or change to any wacky colours; a transparent piano looks stunning in locations overlooking a beach, alongside an aquarium / fishtank or with a beautiful view adding finesse without detracting from the room at all.


Often overlooked as too ‘simple’ a customisation option, why not change the hardware – that’s the visible metalwork on your piano – to a custom metal finish? Antique Brass and Brushed Chrome are both popular choices. And then why not go a step further – you can include your name/initials/brand on your piano in any location you choose: the nameboard just above the keys and the top right-hand corner of the piano are the most popular locations to date.


This only highlights a few examples of what is possible to you, view these few images as a tempter of what you could achieve. If you’re feeling the need for further inspiration, visit the Edelweiss Inspiration Gallery showcasing bespoke projects we have been delighted to produce for our highly valued customers. Or if you’re ready to ‘talk piano’ either call us direct on 0044 (0)1223 881691 or email and let’s start on your very own custom piano design.

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