White Custom Piano For The Perfect ‘Chill Zone’

It’s the perfect scenario? A stunning room, bursting with natural light and delightfully complemented with a large well stocked bar, sculptural snooker table, great colour combinations, tasteful contemporary light fixtures, sumptuous furniture, a superb gym as well??

What a perfect ‘Chill Zone’ our client had envisioned for themselves! But every time he thought about it, our customer felt something fundamental to good times and all round relaxation was seriously missing – and contacted Edelweiss Pianos to ask, could we help him fill his new home with music?

Bringing amazing homes to life with music is exactly what we do every day at Edelweiss Pianos, and this conversation was certainly hitting our sweet spot! We were introduced to our clients Interior Designer and our scoping and design sessions began in earnest. Clearly the room has more than enough space to accommodate an Edelweiss G62 Flugel self-playing baby grand piano, and aesthetically we agreed that this piano was the best size and style for the room. Classical piano in appearance yet with a highly contemporary self-playing twist made Edelweiss Pianos the perfect fit for his requirements.

But his musical masterpiece was not yet completed – we had to consider colours, hardware choices etc. and working with his designer we settled on a bespoke shade of white complimented with brass hardware to embrace and reflect the natural light in the room, contrast with the dark walls and add a prestigious centrepiece to the whole roomscape. The end result, as with any Edelweiss Piano, is truly stunning – do you agree?

Piano Specification: Edelweiss G62 Flugel self-playing baby grand piano in Bespoke White with Brass hardware, wireless Virtuoso Self-Play System and Climate Control

Can’t find the perfect white piano for your house? You can now be the designer and we can bring your bespoke piano to life. With Edelweiss Pianos Configurator you can design your own, custom self-playing piano and make it totally unique.

If you need some original ideas you can check out the Edelweiss Pianos Gallery and get inspired!

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