What to consider when selecting the location for your piano

Not sure where to place your piano? Do you have adequate room? Will under floor heating effect the piano?

Ross Norman, Head of Sales, at Edelweiss answers some of the common questions when selecting the placement of a piano.


Edelweiss pianos are acoustic instruments predominately manufactured from sustainably-sourced timber. All wood reacts to changes in climate and humidity so it is important to consider the climate of the location you plan to place your piano in.

We recommend the piano is kept out of direct sunlight to protect both the casing and the mechanisms. Make note of any open windows and frequently opened doors which may cause fluctuations in humidity. If the environment is likely to be impacted by changes in climate, we suggest a Climate Control System seamlessly fitted to your piano.

As well as a Climate Control System we offer a specialist Yacht Specification for our pianos. This is designed to be as moisture and humidity resistant as possible and is the only long-term option if you plan to place your piano on board a yacht or by a sea front where the sea water, salt and humidity changes may damage your piano if not protected. Speak to our team for more information on this.

Underfloor Heating

If you have underfloor heating, we advise (if possible) that you turn off the heating in the zone where the piano is located. If this is not possible then a climate control system is strongly encouraged and may require more maintenance and topping up than usual. This can all be covered in our TotalCare Piano Maintenance and Care Program.

Remember we can also fit climate control to REBORN pianos, older restored pianos and re-designed pianos from other manufacturers to ensure the longevity of your masterpiece.

Power Supply

If your piano has self-play, silent play, record and playback or climate control you will need to place the piano close to a source of power. A normal domestic socket is adequate, ideally placed on the floor by the back leg of the piano to ensure it is conveniently located and aesthetically pleasing.

Still need some assistance? No problem. Order a floorplan to check our piano sizes and the position of the piano or speak with our team who can advise on the perfect location. We also offer a CAD design service allowing you to slot your unique piano into your home floor plans and designs for an accurate 3D visual.

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