What Do I Do if my Edelweiss Piano ‘Stops Working’?

As beautiful as an Edelweiss, custom-made piano is, it can be very frustrating if your self-playing piano appears to have ‘stopped working’ and is not playing any music for you. This short article covers off the first four troubleshooting checks that our piano technicians will always undertake before ascertaining if any further remedial action is needed.

Please Note: these are very simple checks that anyone can undertake, and will resolve the ‘issue’ with your self-playing piano 99.99% of the time if worked through in theorder set-out below


Is your piano still plugged in to a power supply / socket, and is the socket switched on? As simple as it may sound – this is the reason a self-playing piano has stopped working in 40% of the calls we receive!


The second check is to confirm your iPod is connected to your piano’s WiFi. On your iPod, press the ‘Home’ button to return to the menu screen then go into “Settings”. Second from the top you will see “Wi-Fi”, press on the “ > ” to access the Wi-Fi Settings menu. If on this screen you see “Edelweiss” or “Piano” at the top with a blue tick to the left-hand side then you are connected to your pianos WiFi and you need to move onto the next step – this is shown in the picture on the right.

If you do not see “Edelweiss” or “Piano” at the top with a tick next to it, under “CHOOSE A NETWORK …” you should see “Edelweiss” or “Piano” listed there – touch on the relevant name and you should then connect to your piano automatically.

If “Edelweiss” is not showing as an option on your iPod and you have confirmed your piano is plugged in and switched on at the socket, wait 5 mins, repeat this step again and if “Edelweiss” is still not showing please call our team on 0044 (0)1223 881691


With everything plugged in, switched on and the WiFi connected we now need to switch your iPod to play from the piano rather than from its own speaker. It is more confusing than it needs to be to explain how to do this in words, so for this step please follow the video below:

Your piano is now fully set up and ready to rock and roll: choose your favourite track, hit play and enjoy!!

If you still can’t hear the piano playing itself, don’t panic!! Let’s quickly check the volume levels are set OK


Your self-play piano is an acoustic instrument, and as such it does have a minimum volume threshold. With music played through a speaker, you can turn the volume right down to whisper quiet and still just hear the music. Not so with a piano! You can still turn the volume right down but below a certain threshold the piano will simply stop playing as it is not possible for the notes to be played that softly. If you are playing a track with non-piano accompaniment through your piano and can still hear the non-piano parts being played through the speakers then this is probably what has happened!

As a rule of thumb, a volume level of 20-25% (or 4-5 ‘bars’ as this pic shows) is about the lowest iPod controlled level your piano will physically be able to play at.

Very simple to resolve: simply ready yourself for the piano to start playing quite loudly, turn the volume up to 50-60% on your iPod and the piano will start playing again, drop the volume down to your preferred listening level again and you are good to go!


If you’ve worked through these four simple steps in the order set-out above and your piano is still not working, we want to know!!

Please call our team on 0044 (0)1223 881691 and we’ll help you further

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