We Believe A Player Piano is about More Than Just Music

Since 1975 when John Roy Norman, the father and grandfather of our current directors, founded our company we have always believed a piano is about so much more than just music.

” … it’s about all that’s beautiful in art,
all that’s inspirational in design & all that’s perfect in a piano
crafted into one unique musical masterpiece”

The stunning Bespoke Transparent Edelweiss U49 Klavier featured in this video is just one example of just what we believe a piano is. From sympathetically restored one-of-a-kind antique originals, to neon pink contemporary musical art statements, to our ‘standard’ range of self-playing pianos it’s clear that with Edelweiss, there is so much more to a piano than just music.

Traditionally pianos, and the heritage of the whole piano manufacturing process, have carved the outline of an enduring yet somewhat unchanged legacy – at Edelweiss we are building and reinventing this legacy, transforming the piano into a 21st century masterpiece and creating the pianos of the future.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of a self-playing piano that is about more than just music: check out our ‘standard’ range of self-playing pianos, visit us on Third Floor in Harrods or explore our Online Piano Configurator and begin creating your very own musical masterpiece.

Not quite sure how to take your player piano interest forward …? Our expert team are here to help with more than four generations of hands-on piano manufacturing experience! Simply call us on 0044 (0)1223 881691 and let’s talk.

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