Unique Gifts For Unique People

The most special things are often given to us by someone who really loves us, they’ve clearly thought about us, considered our likes and dislikes, what makes us happy … and they’ve gone ahead and created us this unique, very special personal gift.

“Tis the season” as they say

Have you considered gifting a totally personalizedself-playing piano to that very special someone you know deserves it in your life?

As a family-owned British custom piano manufacturer, Edelweiss totally understand the labour of love that lies behind creating a very personal and unique gift for a discerning individual. Every piano we hand-build in our Cambridge UK factory takes our master artisans in excess of 150 hours to create and finesse to our clients exclusive specification. No two pianos we make are ever the same, and there is nothing more enjoyable than custom building a special piano that we know is going to be presented as a unique gift to one very lucky individual!

If you are looking to make your gift this year totally unique and commission a custom piano, complete with self-play system, for someone truly special in your life, we would be very interested to talk with you. Think about their favourite colours, what floor space they may be available, their favourite songs, their design preferences and call Edelweiss Pianos on +44 (0)1223 881691 or email sales@edelweisspianos.com and we’ll work with you to create a custom musical masterpiece exclusively for the person you have in mind.

Visit https://info.edelweisspianos.com/to find out more about our winter piano collection.

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