This Month We’re Obsessed with … Tiny Things!

Why do people love tiny things?

Pool tables, fridges, Nutella jars, love letters, bubble machines, lunch boxes, watermelons, poodles, coffee mugs – you name it, there’s a version small enough to perch on the tip of your finger.

Take your eyes to Google and you’ll discover vast worlds devoted to the pocket-sized. Entire websites and social feeds are run by ʻminiacsʼ (aka miniature fanatics), dedicated to knee-high knick-knacks.

Even the news is obsessed with Lilliputian stories: “Ants receive theworld’s smallestValentine’s Day card”… “Insects fitted with ‘world’s smallest’ 3D glasses”.

Is it the cute factor? Do we love small things because they make us feel whimsical and fun? Or do they play to an inner need to control and minimise an over-complicated life?

We can’t answer that. But we can tell you about three fun-sized things intriguing the hell out of us this month.

Tiny food – Oddly captivating, but not very filling

When a YouTube video of a 3cm pancake getsviewed almost 12 million times, you start asking questions.

As odd as it may seem, everyone from BuzzFeed to The Atlantic has written about the viral sensation that is… tiny food.

Imagine chopping, mixing, seasoning and frying the ingredients for a perfectly proportioned—as big-as-your-fingernail cheeseburger?

That’s what The Miniature Space does, a YouTube channel dedicated to crafting intricate replicas of your food, and serving them up to 2 million captivated subscribers.

And these strangely compelling videos of miniature fry ups, apple pies, and meat ball and spaghetti dishes are increasingly going bat-crazy viral.

Bengu Atamer of BuzzMyVideos says: “Cooking/food is a massive interest topic on YouTube and when you add the ‘cute’ factor to it, then you create a potential trend that speaks to not only a specific interest group but appeals to a broader audience through making content shareable.”

Tiny houses – Challenging the way we think about space

And what about the Tiny House Movement?

A little more practical than a minuscule plate of fish and chips.

As more and more people choose to downsize the space where they live — for environmental or financial reasons — tiny houses are challenging architects (and us) to think about how we live in entirely new ways.

There’s even an international tiny house competition. Each design has to have four distinct living areas, in just 25m2 of space. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Whether you enjoy the minimalistic concept, or the overwhelming level of “cute” of a tiny home, our fascination with condensing buildings down into the smallest possible space looks set to stay.

And why not, if it means simpler, more efficient living?

So far, so satisfying. But what about all our gadgets and all our stuff? How are we going to fit them into these tiny homes?

Tiny technology – Too small for the human eye to acknowledge

Easily, if nanotube transistors have anything to do with it

Outperforming the silicon chip, they could mean your smartwatch will soon replace your desktop computer. An implant in your head could replace your phone. Imagine the possibilities for your TV, your coffee machine, even your car!

You see, when it comes to tech, size is rarely a sign of power. In fact, some tiny technologies are set for legendary things tomorrow. From a bumblebee backpack that could help solve global food issues, to minuscule robots injected into our bodies to fight disease—their nanoscopic tininess could change our world forever.

Tiny pianos – Look, we had to squeeze this in

We couldn’t talk about tiny things without mentioning our Sygnet G50 piano. It’s a compact grand piano, originally designed for super yachts—and unofficially the smallest baby grand in the world.

People love it because, well… we love small things. It’s the same impeccable quality as its standard-sized sisters—but fits snuggly into the cosiest of corners. It’s gratifyingly neat, yet recklessly handsome. Easily manoeuvrable, and super cute to boot.

Yep, small really is inexplicably beautiful.

Got any favourite tiny things? Share yours with us in the comments below.

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