The Story Behind A Masterpiece

Since 1975 we have been handbuilding and re-building some of the finest custom pianos this world has ever seen. Now in the 21st century, building on a time-honoured legacy of traditional piano manufacturing Edelweiss are creating the self-playing pianos of the future

Le Silex is the latest masterpiece in a history of stunning, bespoke piano designs and innovation. Exclusive, desirable and an exceptional fusion of all that is beautiful in art, all that is outstanding in sculpture and all that is perfect in a piano – we are proud to share this musical masterpiece with you.


But other than player piano perfection, what is the story behind this inspirational concept?

The seed of inspiration for this incredible design was planted years ago.

Out walking with his family in the Lake District, Head of Design Mark Norman was intrigued by the contrast and irresistible beauty of a large flint rock that had been shattered open by mother natures forces: was it a lightning strike? Was it exposure to the cold? Either way it was beautiful, worn smooth and dirty on the outside, smashed open to reveal a gleaming shining ‘interior’ …

Years passed and for all of us intriguing memories will lie dormant until something unique triggers them back into the forefront of your mind.

For Le Silex, Mark met Gareth Knowles, a renowned sculptor and highly creative individual, who had often taken inspiration from the destructive power of nature over rocks and stones in some of his work. Memories stirred, creativity flowed … sketches, clay models … refine & tweak, refine & tweak … until finally: Le Silex was created.


Only 7 of these inspiration masterpieces will ever be produced. With a global population of roughly 7.2 billion people, to own Le Silex means you are truly one in a billion. Tempted? Click here to find out more

We have always believed that a piano is about more than just music

It’s about you, it’s about art, it’s about design, it’s about creativity, it’s about passion … it is about music, but so much more than just music!

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