the ELMER Piano – Introducing a New Hero

Here at Edelweiss Pianos, we are breaking out of the “traditional mould” of the piano industry with our most dazzling collection to date – The Edelweiss 2019 Collection which includes the world’s first multi-coloured Elmer the Elephant piano! Just like the cheerful character from the children’s storybook, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, our team of dedicated piano craftsmen have rejected the idea of ‘blending in’ and instead created a piano in every colour of the rainbow.

Pianos Made in England. Available in Harrods.

Part of a dazzling new 2019 Edelweiss Collection, the Elmer is the colourful jumbo gem in a range of five new customisable self-playing pianos, exclusively on display at Harrods that are available in 10 fashionable new hues, including Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Living Coral’.

“Gone are the days of just black pianos – our new collection is the perfect way to find your true colours,” says Head of Design, Mark Norman. “When we were kids we loved the story of Elmer so we’ve brought some of the ideas in the book to life in our latest design –we’re embracing diversity! People want to break out of the traditional muted colours mould and find something different.”

A ‘digital’ piano complete with concert pianist for the Instagram generation

Indeed, the self-playing pianos’ extraordinary features aren’t just skin-deep. Assembled in the company’s , 10,000 square foot Cambridge workshop by a team of artisans, technicians and craftsmen, the Edelweiss Piano offers a 4D experience of art and artistry. Unlike conventional upright pianos and grand pianos, the Edelweiss pianos fuse music and magic in one individually customisable work of art thanks to a hidden iPod, which is pre-programmed with 400 songs and an invisible bank of precision electronic solenoids.

First pianos sold in Harrods since 2013

And while sales of acoustic pianos have dropped from 30,000 in the 1980s to around 4,000 today, the futuristic Edelweiss Piano is heralding a new era. In fact, it is the first custom piano Harrods has sold since it reluctantly closed its piano department in 2013.

“If you want to buy a piano, you go to a piano shop; if you want to express yourself and furnish your dream house, you go to a furniture shop. But now you can get both in one unique piece at Harrods,” says Norman,“It is the perfect show-stopping centrepiece – even if you don’t play.”

Want to find out more about Elmer and/or The Edelweiss 2019 Collection head to 3rd Floor, Harrods or visit for further information.

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