A British family owned company that reinvented the piano

When you purchase an Edelweiss Piano you enter a whole new world of musical art and entertainment. The unique blend of modern technology, exceptional piano craftsmanship, entertainment and design includes you in an ever growing family of piano lovers that purchase from our brand time and time again.

Edelweiss Pianos are reinventing the piano, for pianists, for art lovers, for collectors, for entertainers, and for everyone who enjoys music.

From all of us at Edelweiss, we promise your Edelweiss will be:


Designer Collection

The go-to collection for exceptional pianos that embody unique British design, craftsmanship and creativity. Your colour and style choices from our current Designer Collection will ensure that your Edelweiss is hand built uniquely for you. Your own, unique, beautiful work of art.

Edelweiss Bespoke

Available only to the select few, if you are privileged to commission an Edelweiss Bespoke piece you already know you are creating a fantastic, one-of-a-kind musical masterpiece that will only ever be crafted exclusively for you.



Edelweiss is the only option that will deliver you concert quality music and a concert quality playing experience every time, without any musical compromise within your unique design. Your Edelweiss will be built by hand using only the finest materials, tried and tested fabrication processes and the very latest in innovative practices.

Each piano is built with solid spruce German ‘STRUNZ’ soundboards that are designed to withstand any climate using our unique ‘perma-forma’ processes, carcases formed from laminated Tibetan hardwood, Red Beech Dehonit’ pinblock, German ‘Abel’ hammers and hand drawn copper strings, spun on Roslau steel wire.


Your Edelweiss will be equipped with our Virtuoso self-play system, unless otherwise requested. This innovative system works via a dedicated Ipad which comes complete with your MyEdelweiss app and starting library.

Our technical team are always looking to research and develop our self-play system to ensure we continuously exceed your expectations. As well as ensuring our technology is as easy for to use as possible, we also offer a host of other features including silent play and record and playback.

Our Heritage

Your Edelweiss will be hand crafted to your exact specification in our Cambridgeshire, UK workshop. Our small, dedicated team of artisans include tuners, technicians, carpenters, engineers and designers who work together to create our latest designs.

Our workshop has been based in Cambridgeshire since 1975 when the company started as the well-known 1066 Pianos. Our experience in tuning, restoring, specifying, and repairing pianos led to our very own piano creation under the Edelweiss name. We are now one of the few remaining UK piano makers.

Our Guarantee

Edelweiss Pianos and retrofits come with a 5-year warranty and a full certificate of authentication for your reassurance. You will not be surprised to learn that we have never had a guarantee claim to date.

Lifetime Care for Your Piano

We deliver worldwide using a white glove service with piano care at its core. After delivery and installation with free set up guidance customers have access to our customer care line and ongoing maintenance and support via our TotalCare maintenance program.