The Edelweiss 2019 Piano Collection

A first-ever range of on-trend custom pianos – welcome to The Edelweiss Piano’s 2019 Collection.

Combining on-trend colours, opulent materials and distinct contemporary styles, this Collection builds on our heritage of exceptional piano manufacturing, our awareness of current design trends around the world and our appreciation for timeless sculptural beauty. Designed for the finest interiors all over the world, every Edelweiss 2019 Piano Collection is the merging of art and music to form a musical masterpiece.

Create a timeless statement for future generations.

Thoughtfully created to be a stand-out centrepiece in it’s own right, every Edelweiss 2019 Piano’s Collection is a statement piece that your family will cherish for generations. Handcrafted in our Cambridge UK workshops to our exemplary high standards, our custom pianos are first and foremost ‘pedigree’ instruments that are designed by pianists for pianists to enjoy. Yes, your grand piano can play itself for you, yes your piano is an exceptional design statement of your personal style, and yes we create pianos like no other manufacturer – and despite all this our heritage of painstakingly perfect each and every custom made piano we build into a delightful instrument underlies everything we do.


Every wanted to be your very own Interior Designer? Now you can! The Edelweiss 2019 Piano’s Collection collates all the knowledge, experience and gut-feel you would have as an established Designer, and gives it to you to explore and create with in one musical package. Sharing insights into current trending colours (10 in fact with an additional 5 contrast suggestions), suggesting two distinct styles and dabbling in a fourth dimension with the invisible beauty of transparent acrylic masterfully brought to life with concealed internal mood lighting: the complete designer palette is provided to you, coupled with expert piano advice from the highly experienced Edelweiss Team – what will you fashion for your original musical masterpiece?


The essence of The Edelweiss 2019 Collection is embodied in five totally unique designer Edelweiss pianos that are on display at our Harrods, Knightsbridge showroom (on the third floor if you’d like to check them out). Each instrument is an artistic original in it’s own right – handcrafted in our Cambridge UK workshops and available to order. Most of us find it easier to understand a product we have actually seen for ourselves, and the simplest way to enjoy the world’s first designer piano collection is to examine each of these five self-playing pianos for yourself and select your favourite! Of course, if you want to change the colour, the tone, the touchweight, the sound, add transparent it is always possible – at Edelweiss we believe you piano should be just as individual as you are and highly recommend you add your own unique touch to every custom piano.


Want to see The Grand Pianos’s Collection for yourself but can’t make it into Harrods? it’s absolutely no problem, head straight over to our Seasonal Collection and dive right in: if you need any further help or have any questions we are here as always on +44(0)1223 881691 or

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