The Classic: A Black Self-Playing Piano

Piano Black is one of the most well-know colours – used on cars, iPhone cases, tables, light fittings, baths, in fact pretty much anything that could be coloured in black probably has a ‘Piano Black’ within it’s colour options. But none of these items are pianos, so how did ‘Piano Black’ become such a cliched title?

There are several different opinions on exactly why pianos have traditionally been mostly finished in black over the centuries. The most likely reason is that beautiful wood veneers were not easy or cheap to find, and it made building pianos a lot simpler and quicker, if they could manufacture from a mix of timbers and finish the whole instrument in black on completion to hide all the mismatching of woods etc.

Whatever the actual reasons, black is now the classic piano colour – for both traditional and self-playing pianos – and it’s definitely here to stay.

Stately, elegant and grandiose – the style and finesse that a classic black piano brings to any interior is unmistakable. And while at Edelweiss Pianos, every piano is handmade to order and we have an amazing array of totally custom piano commission, we are premium piano manufacturers and wanted to take a few moments to highlight the ‘classic black’ standard pianos within our portfolio.

From the smallest acoustic grand piano in the world, to full concert grand splendour, the Edelweiss Range offers six ‘standard’ models. For us, the standard ‘classic black’ means:

Hand finished high-gloss black cabinet

Chrome hardware

full Virtuoso wireless iPod self-play piano system

Matching adjustable solo piano stool

Delivery & installation to groundfloor, mainland UK

Full details of the six models can be found on our Edelweiss Range page, but we wanted to share these few images below to reflect just how impactful the timeless ‘Classic Black’ piano still is on any interior:

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