The Biggest Interior Trends for 2022

The Edelweiss design team work closely with the world’s top Interior designers to create bespoke pianos for both commercial and residential settings.

Ahead of the new year we rounded up some influential designers to get their predictions in home interior trends for 2022.

From repurposing space to calmful colours, read about the top 4 trends for 2022 and how your home might look this year.


2021, to date, has seen the biggest shift in home working and how we utilise our personal space to balance leisure and work life. As such, ‘zoning’ has become increasingly important when choosing a home. This relates to re-purposing areas of the home to allow work and leisure to remain segmented even if we cannot escape to a formal office location.

Ben White, design expert at Swyft says;

“2020 changed the way we lived, slept and worked. There became this move towards “zoning” and creating areas for each area of our life. Compartmentalising made it easier for us to keep some normality in a very abnormal situation.

We are now smarter with our home purchases, keeping the room’s flow in the foreground of our decisions. Next year, we will be looking at pieces that have dual functions which can adapt as we change throughout the day with a view to keeping open plan living spaces.”

We are likely to see more multipurpose furniture and home essentials. For example, coffee tables with hidden draws for storage or chairs that are suitable for dining and desk work. People will consider the multipurpose of items and its importance in the home. Mental health has never been more important so having items in the home that improve your wellbeing as well as being minimal, practical and clutter free can only benefit your life.

Interior Designer and TV personality Celia Sawyer suggests that the practicality of our furniture along with the quality will be key to our interior choices this year.

I think we are going to see a lot more quality items of furniture that have longevity and durability which is going to be better for the environment long term as opposed to replacing cheaper items of furniture when they don’t last. People want a longer lifespan for their furniture, and I believe we will see an up lift in quality products in 2022.’ Says Celia.

We will look for more quirky and crafted items that are unique to our homes and individual personality. A custom piano that doubles as an entertainment centre could be central to your dining area but also double as a music room, games room or relaxation space.

Harriet Drohan, a freelance stylist also sees how furniture can be used for ‘zoning’ in the home.

“Having spent so much time in our living spaces, embracing a more pared-back home, with natural materials like rattan and cork, will create a harmonious space. Perhaps, also, ensuring the work from home space is more permanent, but the space will also have a focus on using the space to entertain again.”


The buzz word for 2021 goes beyond the commercial world and into our homes and lifestyles.

Ben White, design expert at Swyft says that sustainability and natural design will be key in 2022: 

“Sustainability and use of organic materials have become prominent in recent years. With the public’s increased exposure to climate change, the idea of sustainability has fed into the interior industry and our homes. This will translate into how we buy furniture; a move towards furniture items with reclaimed woods and accessories with recycled glass and metal.’

While many companies are working hard to ensure sustainability and responsible production we will also look closer to home at our own daily choices and purchases.

Old family heir looms such as grand pianos can be reborn into stylish modern masterpieces or restored and fitted with self-play to allow them to take pride of place in a modern home. People will be less inclined to through things away or replace in the name of fast fashion.

Vibrant Colours

Moving into 2022 and beyond, colour is making a comeback! With more saturated shades emerging in both the world of fashion and design, colour is being used to make us feel good post pandemic.  Colours are bolder, braver, and are excited about the possibility of re-engaging with the world. However, be cautious, rather than a mix of colour and pattern it is predicted we will see accents of colour on a more neutral palette, with accessories being the source of the colour injection.

“As we have seen a conversion to a more natural space, pops of earthy tones like rich reds, dusty pinks and chlorophyll greens. Be it in the paint, accenting architectural features or through the furniture, art and accessories. “ Independent Stylist, Harriet Drohan.

Juliette Thomas founder of Juliettes Interiors comments “Providing a fresh, light and optimistic feel to spaces, calm restful blues are on the rise, with homeowners choosing to breathe new life into spaces. The perfect complementing colour for grey, this peaceful, pastel hue adds an airy and uplifting feel wherever it is used.”

Deco meets boho

Pinterest data reveals a surge in searches for unpainted floors, organic interiors, retro and cottage core. Above all else the most popular style is the emergence of Japandi; a mix of Japanese and Scandi design.

Japandi is all about effortless style and simple living. Muted shades of grey, green and eggshell are mixed with polished wood and matt finishes. While it has playful elements the overall style is calming and peaceful.

“Scandi-inspired interiors with a fresh modern twist, including light toned wood, muted metals and crisp neutral soft furnishings, are set to become the rage of 2022. ; Sam Baldry, Head of Design at Swoon.

“Marble and brass have made their way into people’s homes these past few years, adding a sense of glamour and refinement as Deco influences have crept in, whilst shabby chic has matured into a more cultivated, Mid-Century boho scheme. In the coming months, we are expecting matte gold hardware to become the new brass, and natural wood to take marble’s place at the trending table.’

Juliette Thomas agrees ‘“We’ll see copper start to take over from the very popular brushed brass, bringing a fresh new finish and striking aesthetic into kitchens, bathrooms and even living spaces. High-end dining tables will incorporate this elegant hue with white textured marble tops a statement piece for the year ahead.”

Edelweiss has a vast catalogue of piano designs with the studio service offering specialist finishes, colour, and pattern matching, from liquid metals to wood veneers. Our team can work with your interior designer and suggest suitable pianos using the space and design details of your interior along with your budget. The possibilities are endless!

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