A British family owned company that reinvented the piano

We are a dedicated team of artisans who have been perfecting the art of custom piano-making for over four decades. We understand that a piano is about more than just the music. It’s about art, design, style and above all, it’s about expressing yourself in a uniquely personal way. Whether its unique colour, a specific style or a certain veneer that makes something personally significant and special for you, Edelweiss will make your bespoke musical art piece just for you.

Continuously redefining
what makes a piano

The beauty of crafting to a highly customised requirement is that we have to innovate everyday. From a more moisture resistant superyacht specification to the ultimate pianist experience with our unique All-Black Carbon Fibre action; from 24 carat gold through to custom hand-painted marble effects – every Edelweiss Piano embodies a rich and prestigious heritage of innovation, musical precision and a passion for finding a better way.


Handcrafting beautiful custom pianos every day, our team are outstanding experts in what will call practical piano thinking. This is our over-simplified phrase that embodies years of knowhow in creating the perfect piano for any interior by taking into consideration the room acoustics, layout, size and style to ensure every Edelweiss is perfectly toned both musically and style wise, but also in terms of size and sound. Piano Thinking is a valuable resource that very few can offer!

We believe that your piano should be unique and totally customized to you – but how do you choose when literally anything is possible? The Edelweiss Seasonal Collection is the go-to point for design and style clarification. Drawing on a vast network of industry-leading colour and design analysts the Collection presents are carefully considered range of colour, contrast, transparent and style options to simplify the process and make it easy for you to design your dream piano.

The Edelweiss Design Studio is a service for the bold and adventurous individual who is looking for the ultimate in self-expression. Working directly with one of our Elite Designers, there are no limits to what you can create. A bespoke leg shape, opulent metallic finishes or exotic timbers – the experience, craft and capability of our Elite Designers is at your disposal to make your dream a reality.


Since 1975 the elite Edelweiss Team have been handbuilding pianos in Cambridge, UK. We take pride in handbuilding our pianos to our customers exclusive order – from a detailed design discussion our master craftsmen hone, shape, refine and craft some u0003of the finest pianos this world has ever known. Not just numbers off a production line, every Edelweiss Piano is painstakingly perfected at the hands of our master craftsmen – each instrument embodies more than 200 elite man-hours of passionate piano building expertise.

It’s certainly true with any Edelweiss Piano that the final instrument is significantly greater than the sum of its highly specified component parts. Using hand-selected spruce soundboards from respected Italian manufacturer Ciresa, coupled with UK made hand-spun copper strings on Raslau wire, our unique ‘All-Black’ carbon fibre action made in the USA and German ‘Abel’ hammers selected for their more mellow sound – the engine of every Edelweiss Piano is highly specified, meticulously designed and fine-tuned for the most exhilarating musical performances.

Handbuilding every Edelweiss Piano provides opportunities for continual improvement. The Edelweiss G50 Sygnet is the smallest grand piano in the world and was created to allow customers to have a concert-pitch piano small enough to fit into an inner-city apartment or superyacht. Our ‘Superyacht Specification’ includes anodised pins and carbon fibre action for ultimate moisture resistance without compromising performance.