Some Pianos are More Than Just A Piano

Absolutely thrilled to see one of the most expressive instruments, the piano, featuring so strongly in John Lewis’s 2018 Christmas advert – keep up the great work!

Undoubtedly one of the most endearing and cherished gifts that anybody could give to someone special in their life is the gift of music. For Elton John it is undeniable that the gift of his grandmothers piano revealed his supreme talent ‘on the ivories’ and this gift of love kickstarted his career as one of the most famous pianists ever.

As the advert rightly states: ‘some gifts are more than just a gift’ and here at Edelweiss Pianos we know that:


We don’t all have the musical superpower of Elton John, but all you need with Edelweiss is a self-playing piano to bring your world to life and give as the perfect present to your very own ‘Elton’!

Any piano makes a beautiful Christmas present, but how much more special is a totally bespoke, handmade piano that can both be played like any other piano but can also play itself at the touch of an iPod? Check out the short video below (sorry for two videos on one post, but this truly is a case of a picture telling a thousand words!)

Want to make this happen for your family / in your home this Christmas …?

Contact us today on +44 (0)1223 881691 or emails and let’s get your magical musical journey firmly on Santa’s sleigh.

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