What Is A
Self-Playing Piano?

A self-playing piano is a standard acoustic piano that plays itself. Wirelessly operated from an iPad or other mobile device, you simply choose your song, hit play and sit back and enjoy as the piano comes alive! The keys perfectly recreate every nuance of the original artist, with a concealed sound system providing the full live music experience as your piano plays along with the singer and accompanying band.

How Does a Self-Playing

Piano Work?

Watch our feature on exactly how it all works

What Are the Benefits of
a Self-Playing Piano?

Over 1,000 Songs Available

From Beethoven to The Beatles, Daft Punk to Rachmaninoff, Chopin to Adele, the Edelweiss Song Library is always expanding and contains 1000s of songs for you to browse, choose and enjoy!

Whatever your musical preferences we’ve got you covered. Alternatively, using our Edelweiss Music Studio you can create and record specific tracks for you and your piano to play together.

I Already Have a Piano,
Can I Make It Self-Play?

Yes, the Edelweiss Virtuoso System can be installed into a piano you already own, subject to a workshop inspection by one of our highly experienced technicians. The only limitation is that you would be ‘piano-less’ for a period as we would need to bring your piano to our Cambridge UK factory to undertake the works. If you want to find out more about our retro-fit service please click below, leave your details and one of our specialists will be in touch.