Le Solis & Le Silex

Originally designed by Goldfinch by Edelweiss, they are now available to commission in their original finishes via the Edelweiss Sculptural Collection or customised further if you wish via the Edelweiss Bespoke team.

Le Solis

Inspired by the sun rising over the Californian desert with the Edelweiss signature Sun-baked 22.5 Karat Gold Leaf finish coupled with our bronzed liquid metal finish.

Le Silex

Inspired by mother nature – Le Silex is Latin for flint. A specialist weathered liquid metal finish reflecting a grainy quartz texture finished in Verdigris, black diamond or flint, while the interior has a contrasting glossy finish with liquid gold.


Goldfinch is the most exclusive division of Edelweiss where you an Edelweiss is taken beyond its standard shape and form, and the fantastical realm of sculptural art is entered.