Open a 4th Dimension in Any Interior

There is a unique power in live music that creates a distinct sense of welcome, relaxation and happiness into any home anywhere in the world – almost impossible to put into words, at Edelweiss Pianos we call this the 4th Dimension of Music.

Live Music has a Unique Power

Whether it’s changing our mood, enhancing our first impression of a new space or adding emotion/relaxation to whatever we are doing; music has a very unique power over us as humans. Studies of the brain have proven that musical memories outlast all the other recollections of our life – for example someone suffering with Alzheimer’s disease will often be able to clearly remember and sing along with their favourite songs. Think back through your life, most of us can probably hum or sing a couple of our favourite melodies from years gone by. The restfulness of live acoustic music has a unique power in that it combines all our other senses and adds the 4th Dimension – lasting memories, great vibes and happy times all live on through music.

Bring any Interior to Life

Whether in the home, a shopping mall or a restaurant, the music playing has a significant impact on how we remember the space we are in – and if you want your home to be remembered as upbeat, restful and very enjoyable but can’t play an instrument yourself then you may want to consider something like an Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano.

Your interior designer will work with you to make your home spacious, airy and perfectly coordinated for the lifestyle and aesthetic you have in mind. Your artist will commission beautiful bespoke art pieces and sculptures for your collection and your landscaper gardener will ensure that externally your home is just as aesthetically on-point and visually impressive as your interior. But none of these professionals can introduce the 4th Dimension into your home. As stunning as your interior is, an ideal way to ensure your guests never forget the splendour and finesse of your home is to induct them into a complete 4D experience – one that is visually exquisite, spatially perfect, and one that sounds as welcoming and authentic as it looks.

Turning Music into Art

At Edelweiss Pianos, we specialise in the bespoke piano manufacture of designer self-playing pianos that are exclusively designed for you and your particular interior. We are a family owned British piano manufacturer that has re-invented the self-playing piano into totally customisable musical art. Fulfilling a previously unrecognised requirement in the world’s finest interiors – at Edelweiss Pianos we know that your home must look exactly as you want and still be graced with beautiful live acoustic music at the touch of a button. Working with discerning individuals and interiors all over the world, we take delight in interpreting your personal requirements and creating a musical masterpiece exclusively for you. Interested? Call us on +44 (0)1223 881691 or email and our team will be delighted to assist you.

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