NEW LOOK in HARRODS: Check out the new Edelweiss Pianos display in Harrods

We are very excited to share these images with you of the ALL NEW Edelweiss Pianos display on the third floor in Harrods, Knightsbridge. Featured alongside the only Versace furniture showroom in the UK, Agresti fully customisable safes and the Giorgio Collection, we are receiving great feedback about our new bespoke piano collection in store.

What do you think to this totally custom piano selection …?

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy and potentially purchase the ‘Opus One’- a contemporary gloss black and chrome hand-built self-playing upright piano with a very sleek ‘edgeless’ design that is a true one-off manufactured in a factory in Germany that has since been completely destroyed by fire!

Also featured we have both the ‘F1’ stainless steel Edelweiss G50 Sygnet custom made piano and the ‘Black Magic’ Edelweiss Tower G62 Flugel from our previous display, and the star of the show – a custom build piano – red Edelweiss Transparent G66 Flugel – which one is your favourite?

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