Making Life Easier For Any Interior Designer

There’s nothing more satisfying than adding a totally unique, personal touch to any interior. Whether specified by the client, or an inspirational suggestion from a designer, at Edelweiss we understand the aura and creative power that a custom piano can bring to any home.

Our in-house piano design team is easy to work with and very used to being included in residential and commercial projects all around the world. Working closely with you as a designer, our unique speciality is being able to interpret your design, colour, sculptural and textural requirements into one showstopping centrepiece that really can be the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of your interior concept.


Looking to custom-build a self-playing piano for your client? If you want flexibility in every aspect of the design, along with truly artisan piano craftsmanship —Edelweiss Piano can help. We work with piano designers, architects and interiors experts, to create beautiful, musically-excellent self-playing pianos to satisfy even your most demanding brief.


Configure your own Edelweiss piano, quickly and easily. Choose your design, finish, colour, contrast and specifications from hundreds of options, to create a truly unique piano to match your project and make your clients happy. Try out our piano configurator here


3D CAD Models are available toadd into the design concepts for your bespoke, self-playing piano..We also have 2 CAD models: The Sygnet and The Flügel. These are taken from the models on the configurator website and are available in all the unique ‘edition’ designs as well as the traditional styles. Please contact us directlyand we would be delighted to send these to you.


Imagine a fully bespoke piano, custom-designed to match even your most extravagant brief. Traditional, minimalist or avant-garde. Subtle, vibrant or somewhere in between. Goldfinch, our sister company,are unrivalled in their ability to create fantastical art pianos. Anything is possible. Live music made beautiful.

Would you like to have your own unique piano? You can now be the piano designer and we can bring it to life. With Edelweiss Pianos Configurator you can design your own, custom self-playing piano and make it totally unique.

If you need some original ideas you can check out Edelweiss Pianos Gallery and get inspired!

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