Making a ‘Pink Marble’ Custom Piano!

“I’d like my piano to look ‘earthy’ and ‘natural’ so that it really fits in with my interior, kinda like …” our client was searching for how to put this into words “umm … I don’t know … could you do a piano in pink marble …?”

“Yes, we can – we are Edelweiss Pianos!” we replied, and this is exactly how a very enjoyable custom piano journey began that finished with the stunning, totally bespoke Edelweiss G50 Sygnet grand piano shown in the video below:

Every Edelweiss Piano is built to order in our Cambridge UK factory at the hands of our Master Artisans, and this exquisite custom ‘Pink Marble’ is a true testament to the unsurpassed innovation, artistry and dedication to perfection that our team thrives on. Passionately producing very special custom made pianos for discerning individuals all over the world, our pianos are exceptional musical instruments and outstanding works of art at the same time. Offering a perfect playing experience for any pianist, supported by a sonorous ‘European’ tone that is so delightful to listen to and enjoy and all encased in a beautiful, totally customised exterior – this luxury grand piano is the literal definition of ‘Beautiful Sound’!

As well as the bespoke, hand-painted Pink Marble exterior that perfectly matches our clients original sample image this special piano also includes custom ‘gold’ brass hardware, that eye catching transparent butterfly lid and a custom oyster white soundboard and inside rim. Hidden underneath is a wireless iPod Virtuoso Self-Play System and a Climate Control System.


You options are limitless and you can rest assured that your custom piano will first and foremost have an exceptional piano at its core. Any Edelweiss Piano is a collaboration of some of the finest piano components available in the world today: our carcasses are manufactured in China, we use premium Strunz soundboards from Germany, well-renowned Abel hammers also from Germany, self-play components from America and strings that are handwound in England. After more than 250 hours of passionate, hands-on craftsmanship your piano emerges. What will you create …?

Would you like to know more about Edelweiss pink marble pianos or have some design inspiration? You can explore your custom piano options, we are only a call away on 0044 (0)1223 881691 or email and our team would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

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