Have you come here saying to yourselves: “Our new home is quite unique, so we don’t want just a black piano like you see everywhere else …”

Completely understand exactly what you mean.

Welcome to Edelweiss – where the Piano is Re-Invented


Why do you need to know all about this? It’s simple, you have the choice for your piano to be exactly how you want it. Now, with Edelweiss:

  • Pianos don’t have to be just played by a pianist.
  • Pianos don’t have to be just black.
  • Pianos don’t have to be just big and take up too much space in a room


The piano that is often know as the ‘typical’ baby grand piano, the Flugel G66 is an exceptional, hand-built concert quality instrument designed for those who love piano music in their home.

Built to a very versatile size (see dimensions below) the Flugel G66 is synonymous with beautiful driveways, sweeping staircases, cascading chandeliers and the most memorable of welcomes as your guests enter your home.

Available for international delivery, your Flugel G66 is hand built in our Cambridge UK workshops to your exact choice of colours, combinations and designs.

From the Classic Black & Gold, right through to the unique MODA masterpiece, the Flugel G66 is not your usual piano.


Whether you play the piano or not, the Flugel G66 delivers an exceptional playing experience both when in self-play mode and when being played by a pianist. Hand-built by our master artisans to meet the most demanding of musical requirements a world of good times and happy memories filled with beautiful piano music awaits you.

Enjoy a full Beethoven concert from the comfort of your front room. Or Karaoke along with ABBA with all your friends on Friday night. Whatever your musical preferences, your Flugel G66 is ready to perform just for you.

Is this something you can see working in your home?

If you want to find out more (and have a peek at the full Designer Collection) simply leave your details below.