Introducing Piano Colour Palette of 2022

Edelweiss Pianos, Creative Director, Mark Norman, introduces the 11 strong colour choices for 2022.

11 brand new shades are now available as part of our core collection. Clients can colour the world’s smallest baby grand, the Sygnet, creatively two-tone the Flügel grand or add a splash of colour to the upright Klavier.

The palette of colours are chosen to be used in unison, with complimenting shades from a bold lavender purple to a soft pink.

Mark Norman, Creative Director says ‘It’s great when you introduce a new range of colours: you look back on the experiences of the last few years, the joys, the sorrows and the trials, and you mix it all together to produce an all new pallet which will colour your life and surroundings going ahead: they are deeper, more compassionate yet bright and vibrant with an added maturity that enhances the colour spectrum.’

The Colour Choices;

Cadmium Yellow and Babouche

This bold, but not overbearing yellow 221 is also know as Babouche, named after the leather slippers worn by men in Morocco. Complimented by a stronger orange reminding us of the humid summer evenings, these colours bring warmth and positivity to an interior.

Very Peri and Vintage Violet

These shades are based on the official Pantone colour of the year, Very Peri, said to inspire inventiveness and creativity. While the Edelweiss purple 112 is vibrant lavender hue the softer violet gives a vintage feel.

Romantic Blush and Seal Skin

The off-white, creamy pink 233 gives a romantic vibe of elegant interiors adorned with plaster sculptures and lashings of fabric, reminiscent of an elegant bygone era.

Muted Blue

This muted blue, also being hailed the new ‘grey’, denotes the freedom and optimism the nation holds post pandemic. This year will see more painted ceilings in soft blues to uplift the spirit and take the inside, out.

Lichen and Matcha

Known for its calming qualities, green has seen a strong comeback in the home as we work towards reconnecting with nature. These mustard and light hues of green compliment plants and flowers brought into the home.


Farrow and Ball call this shade Incarnadine; a deep red inspired by the Mediterranean. This striking colour works well in gloss or matt alongside the beautiful spectrum of greens for an antique look.

Our workshop are excited to start producing pianos in both gloss and matt in these exciting new shades mixed with the classic black, white, liquid metal and bespoke commissions we receive.

The range will launch on the Piano Configurator later this month, where designers, piano lovers and artists can build their dream piano online complete with a quotation and added extras.

Colours are immediately available to order and can be applied to any piano in our collection including the Elmer, Moda and Deco via our studio service.

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