Find the creative spark
for your own masterpiece

We all posses a creative spark; something that expresses our personality and to brings our inner passions to life. By providing you with inspiration and stimulation from projects we have created for other clients we aim to bring your creative spark to life and encourage you to design a unique work of musical art that will delight your ears as well as your eyes.

Le Silex

The unique hybrid piano that takes inspiration from nature

Le Silex, the latest creation from Goldfinch by Edelweiss showcases not just technical capabilities of Edelweiss Pianos but also the design and innovation in engineering by their dedicated in-house team.

The Tumbling Tower

A baby grand piano with a twist. This tumbling tower design is elegant and totally unique.

Mystical Blue

The iconic Sygnet in a mystical gloss blue gives a magical feel.

Black, Red and
So Majestic

This is the ‘Black Magic’ – classic black & pure red musical masterpiece hanging suspended from a distinctly sculpted pedestal

Stunning in
Matt Black

It’s destination New York for this custom Edelweiss G52 Sygnet in Matt Black and high gloss Pearl Green.

500,000 Swarovski

From the Edelweiss Studio – yes, we can fully restore an Antique Steinway grand piano and encase with 500,000 hand-placed Swarovski crystals.


An opulent interpretation of The Elmer by Edelweiss with shimmering liquid metal features.

A Transparent

Overlooking Wimbledon Commone, this beautiful home has a true musical masterpiece welcoming you in the hallway.
Piano is the Edelweiss Transparent U49 Klavier


Chic. Appealing. Pleasing to the eye – the Elmer is not just about bold, stand-out colour.

Small Enough
to Fit

The Edelweiss G50 Sygnet, the smallest acoustic grand piano in the world, was the perfect piano for this beautiful Richmond home.

Stunning ‘Tower’
in Ferrari Red

The ultimate showstopper! Curvaceous beauty delicately suspended from an eye-catching tower and all finished off in bold Ferrari Red make this custom G50 Sygnet a stand-out creation from our highly skilled team.
Piano is a ‘Tower’ Edelweiss G50 Sygnet (132cm)


Our highly talented artists are well able to create the piano of your dreams: in this commissions we were tasked with reproducing an authentic chinoiserie hand-painted grand piano.

Custom colour-matched
piano perfection

‘It’s just amazing, it matches perfectly!’ These were the first words spoken by our customer on delivery of his custom colour-matched Edelweiss G50 Sygnet self-playing grand piano.

It can be a daunting task when you know you want a self-playing piano to inject life and atmosphere into your home – but you really don’t feel the standard ‘Classic Black’ high gloss piano will work for your interior: what do you do next? In this instance, our client was able to provide a small leather sample of the ‘mustard yellow’ sofas and as the pictures show, our team of artisans where able to match this beautiful, unique colour perfectly on his piano.


Stunning DECO style custom G50 Sygnet in pearlescent white, with bespoke pearl beige checkerboard lid and music desk and a pearl beige interior delivered to a penthouse in Hong Kong.
Piano is an Edelweiss G50 Sygnet (132cm) with custom ‘DECO’ leg design

Light Green
for Portugal

Commissioned by an Interior Designer for a newbuild home in Portugal, this piano really stands out with in custom Light Green with a ‘Halfmoon’ back-lift lid.
Piano is an Edelweiss G50 Sygnet (132cm) with custom halfmoon lid.

Black & Gold Edelweiss
G75 Flugel to Vietnam

Handpainted ‘gold’ keywell, internal frame, inside rim and underside lid contrast beautifully with the Classic Black exterior creating an opulent centrepiece for our client’s Vietnam home.
Piano is a Custom Edelweiss G75 Flugel (190 cm)

Let’s Get the
Party Started!

Transparent and musically beautiful, switch on the internal LED mood lighting and party the night away!
Piano is an Edelweiss U49 Transparent Klavier (125cm)

Colour-matched Musical

Commissioned by a UK client. Color-matched to harmonise with their custom built Meridian speakers. Incorporating transparent components to ensure no interruption to the natural light streaming into this room. Totally custom, totally stunning.
Piano is an Edelweiss G62 Flugel (158cm)

The New Classic – ‘Piano
Black’ Edelweiss G50 Sygnet

The timeless elegance of classic ‘Piano Black’ creates an intriguing musical feature in this contemporary Walnut and Gloss White interior in Poole, UK.
Piano is an Edelweiss G50 Sygnet (132cm) with custom grey soundboard and black frame.

Custom ‘Ferrari Red’ Edelweiss
G50 Sygnet grand piano

Color-matched to our clients exact shade of red, this custom self-playing baby grand piano brings life, atmosphere and music to this 21st floor central London penthouse.

Musical Marquetrie

Commissioned to commemorate the marriage of a very special couple, this unique marquetry inlay design is painstakingly captured in the lid of this fully restored antique Bluthner baby grand piano. Piano created through the Edelweiss Studio

Custom Transparent

Working with Havwoods Flooring we were delighted to create the ultimate showroom reception centrepiece for their Carnforth showroom featuring sleek transparent components with a rough sawn oak lid and live self-play piano music.
Piano is an Edelweiss G66 Transparent Flugel

The Leaking Piano –
Fisketorvet, Copenhagen

Edelweiss Pianos was honoured to support renowned artist Nina Saunders providing a series of ‘leaking piano’ installations into shopping centres across Europe.
Piano is an Edelweiss G108 Flugel (275cm)