Individual Hand-Painted Beauty

“I’ve got bit of a different enquiry for a customer of mine … can you do literally any kind of piano?”

Here at Edelweiss, the answer is always Yes we can!

“That’s great” the designer continued “but this really is different, she wants it to match a particular painting that really means something special to her” For Edelweiss, this is absolutely no problem, the image provided by our clients interior designer gave us all the information we needed to produce a full bespoke piano brief.

From just one image, an initial colour palette was produced, our artists hand painted suggested ‘style’ boards for our clients consideration and a final design was agreed. All we had to do now was actually talk about the piano!

Keeping to the ‘girl at the piano’ painting, it was only right to have an upright piano for our client – and the Edelweiss U46 Klavier complete with self-playing system was chosen as the perfect instrument for their space and design requirements.

Due to our clients required delivery deadline it was agreed that we would take an already completed ‘standard black’ U46 Klavier and re-work the cabinetry rather than build a unique piano to order for this particular customer. With everything finalised, initial works commenced and the following pictures document just what an amazing journey this beautiful piano undertook to achieve it’s full finished glory!

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