Individual Creativity – Custom Piano Commissions

We passionately uphold that a piano is about so much more than just music in everything we do, and it is so exciting when we have the privilege of creating truly special, self-playing pianos for our valued customers.

There are three beautifully designed custom piano that we really wanted to share with the public as showcasing everything that Edelweiss Pianos is about:

  • TOTAL CUSTOM – you can customise/change any and every component of your Edelweiss Piano
  • PERFECTION– both as a custom piano (of course!) and an outstanding design statement
  • HAND BUILT– every Edelweiss Piano is painstakingly built to order at the hands of our master piano technicians


Crafted as a statement celebration of the highlights of the motor industry, and been ‘on tour’ in the UK with the Jardine Motor Group featuring alongside prestigious cars from the likes of Bentley, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. From our Design & Style Selection, this highly bespoke G50 Sygnet Grand Piano features:

Transparent ‘Half Moon’ Lid

Stainless Steel ‘Deco’ Legs

Custom Stainless Steel carcase

Pastel Coral Red Frame

Two-Tone White Keyfall

Brass Hardware

All-Black Carbon Fibre action


Commissioned to create a truly special centrepiece for a prestigious central bar lounge in an upmarket establishment, this stunning ‘fantail’ bespoke tower from our Design & Style Selection was the chosen design from the three put forward to our client. Built from a G66 Flugel, custom options include:

Backlift Lid

Custom Oyster White re-colour

All-Black Carbon Fibre action

Edelweiss G66 Flugel

Our client in this instance knew they needed to customise their piano to make it perfect for them, but they were unclear exactly what they should do. After an in-house Design Appointment with one of our highly experienced interiors team, their G66 Flugel from our Transparent Selection looks absolutely stunning. Features include:

Transparent Lid

Transparent Legs

Transparent Lyre

Custom Re-Colour in RAL xxxx

Raspberry frame and inside rim

What do you think to these designs …? Do you have a favourite, or would you design something completely different? Why not check out the Edelweiss Piano Configurator and start creating your own custom piano today.

If you’re interested in working with Edelweiss Pianos we are only a call away on 0044 (0)1223 881691 or email Our team would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you!

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