How To Create Your Own Edelweiss Custom Piano

It’s one of the questions weget asked the most, “How do I create my own Edelweiss custom piano?” and there are three ways different approaches to answering this which we explore shortly. Before that, there is one key question you need to ask yourself: can you envisage your ideal bespoke piano in your head or would your prefer the support of an Edelweiss piano design expert with (or without) the added design insights from your Interior Designer?

Design With Piano

Creating your own piano can seem a very daunting but exciting project and we would assure that our Piano Experts are here to walk you through every step of your custom piano design journey if required. Starting with a simple conversation either in our Harrods showroom or Cambridge UK Head Office, most of our customers prefer to rely on the Edelweiss expertise to guide them through their custom made piano design process. In our initial conversation we ideally explore preferred colours, styles and possible piano locations in your home, before your Edelweiss Custom Piano Expert sends suggested piano visuals and design ideas to you for your consideration. Once confirmed that these initial suggestions are within your design requirements we have a further conversation, often a quick phone call, to understand more about the specific size of your ‘piano room’ and what budget/price point you are working to. Armed with this new information it is much simpler to quickly identify which bespoke piano option is the perfect fit for your requirements, both in terms of design, size and price. Your Edelweiss Custom Piano Expert will consolidate all this into a piano proposal and send it to you for your approval and on receipt of your Piano Deposit, the Edelweiss Team begin building your very own Edelweiss custom piano!

From The Comfort
Of Your Own Home

As much as we enjoy talking with our customers on our showrooms and over the phone, we are a family-owned company and totally understand that there is no better way to design/consider bespoke piano options than from the comfort of your own home. Yes, that’s right, an Edelweiss Custom Piano Expert will come to you and work through the entire piano design process with you in your own home – we will bring actual size templates showing how much floor space your piano will require, we bring colour charts, design visuals and a whole lot of creativity that is all inspired by the decor, style and design of your home. What could be better than having a piano design expert working with you to create a totally unique custom self-playing piano that takes inspiration from the colours, decor, design and style of your home? Want to book this in? Call us on 0044 (0)1223 881691 or email and our team we be in touch. Please Note: at present our ‘At Home’ piano design service is only available in the UK.


If you are confident you know what you need your custom self-playing piano to look like, why not head to the Edelweiss Online Piano Configurator and let your creativity flow? To start off, choose between the Edelweiss Flugel (our traditional grand pianos) and the ever-popular Edelweiss Sygnet (the smallest acoustic grand piano in the world) before moving further into your configuration options. Next you can choose leg styles and lid designs before starting to experiment with colour: go the ‘full colour’ route choosing one colour for your piano or test changing the colour of specific piano components. Final steps are to select your options – make sure you select the self-play system (!!) – and then send us a screen-grab of your veyr own piano design to and we’ll get right back to you with pricing, lead time and help you make your piano design dream a reality.

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