How to Amaze in 2020: The Top 5 Design Trends

From London to Abu Dhabi and Washington to Rome, the word from our international interior designers is in. The world’s gone BOLD.

Neutral, white and grey are out and blue, green and pink are in. But what other ‘must have’ information is there for the discerning homeowner? Here are the top 5 design trends for 2020.

1) Bold colour to embrace you with warmth and personality

What is THE colour for 2020? Why choose? But if you have to, blue is in, green too, actually. Thanks to the push for a healthier planet in 2019, it’s all about nature-inspired colours and materials like wood.

But if forestry isn’t your scene, how about a hot pink? It’s another favourite this year. And loved by international designer, Kaltoum Domonceau.

She encourages mixing vibrant colours with contemporary styles, traditional art and accessories. It’s all about bringing personality into your home.

What is the best colour for 2020? Your own favourite!

2) Beautifully hand-crafted furnishings are the latest ‘must have’

The days of mass production and clutter are gone.

You should be walking amongst objects that have been carefully created by a master craftsman. Objects that say goodbye to rectangles and circles and embrace a more curved design

3) The old, the new – the more, the merrier

It’s time to mix it up.

Design trends in 2020 are all about mixing colour, but also style. Vintage dances alongside the modern whilst in keeping with the minimalist look.

Think furniture that leads the eye. Think bold walls, even wallpaper. Just don’t think signature wall – it’s a new decade, those days are gone. So, let loose on every wall.

4) The science fiction of yesteryear is in the homes of today

In the 70s, when our business was born, dystopian films were set in 2020. Today, we don’t only have many of the predicted gadgets in our homes; our homes have become technological feats in themselves. Design that merges technology with pleasing aesthetics is another top trend.

It isn’t only our mobile phones that are smaller. 2020 has brought with it ‘the tiny house’ revolution. Thankfully, Edelweiss have already taken the lead and made the smallest grand piano in the world.

The Sygnet’s perfect when it comes to fitting into the smallest of homes, or yachts, or even for blending into the largest of mansions. Don’t let appearances deceive you though. We don’t make black pianos. Your favourite bold colour is there too.

5) Multi-use spaces mean you really can have it all

Free flow spaces have given way to personal places. A walk-in closet can double as the spot to read your favourite book. The office can become a music room on days off.

Every Edelweiss piano self plays, so you can have 1000s of tunes at your fingertips via an app on your phone. Let your open plan kitchen and diner become a concert hall.

It’s time to make your world your own and your space work for you. Fake is dead. Be your authentic self.

In Conclusion…

When re-designing your home for the new decade, you can’t go wrong with designs inspired by nature. It is still about the minimalist look with handmade signature pieces taking pride of place.

Don’t be afraid to bring in vintage items and bold colours to add warmth and personality to a modern home.

This month we are unveiling our 2020 collection, inspired by the design ideals of the decade. We also have more trends to share. You’ll want to…

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