How Many Ways Can You Customise An Edelweiss Piano?

Over 45 years, this is one question we had never really been asked until now. The entire Edelweiss team live and breathe custom creativity and we ‘just know’ there are so many ways you can customize your piano. But now we’ve been asked the question we wanted to confirm the most popular five ways of customization for you:

Create with

This one almost goes without saying – at Edelweiss Pianos we have clearly established that your piano can be any colour other than black (!!) but did you know that there are at least ten (10) different areas on any Edelweiss where you can specify your preferred colours?

You can explore contrasts, colour combos, rainbows or just go ‘full Elmer’ and have each component in a different colour!

with Style

Deco, Cleff, Tower, Elmer, Contemporary – these are all different style options you can customize for your Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano. Halfmoon, Butterfly, Backlift are three more! And in the Edelweiss Studio, budget permitting, you can go completely freehand and sketch whatever shape/design/style you want your piano to be and watch out creative team build your dream into a reality.


The key question: to be lit or not to be lit?

More and more of our clients are requesting their piano is manufactured complete with concealed internal LED mood lighting. You have read that correctly! Now you can hit your favourite songs, enjoy as your piano self-plays them back to you, and ‘hit the lights’ to get any party started


The invisible truly is beautiful with Edelweiss pianos.

Perhaps especially relevant where there is a lot of natural light, or a view through to the next room that you really do not want to obstruct, every Edelweiss self-playing piano can be created with any of its structural components manufactured from crystal clear acrylic to create the ultimate invisible contemporary statement piece for any interior.

A Meaningful

Yes, you can even customize any Edelweiss piano with an inscription of your choice! Some customers have chosen their name, or initials to ensure their stamp remains on their piano. Others have chosen a quotation that is meaningful to them and, being a family owned company, we fell this if the best option – some parents have gifted a piano to their children complete with their children’s names inscribed onto it.

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