A British family owned company that reinvented the piano

We are a dedicated team of artisans who have been perfecting the art of custom piano-making for over four decades. We understand that a piano is about more than just the music. It’s about art, design, style and above all, it’s about expressing yourself in a uniquely personal way. Whether its unique colour, a specific style or a certain veneer that makes something personally significant and special for you, Edelweiss will make your bespoke musical art piece just for you.

Continuously redefining
what makes a piano

The beauty of crafting to a highly customised requirement is that we have to innovate everyday. From a more moisture resistant superyacht specification to the ultimate pianist experience with our unique All-Black Carbon Fibre action; from 24 carat gold through to custom hand-painted marble effects – every Edelweiss Piano embodies a rich and prestigious heritage of innovation, musical precision and a passion for finding a better way.




The most exciting part of hand-building any piano has to be delivering it to it’s final home and wherever you are in the world, our highly experienced team will ensure your Edelweiss Piano is delivered, installed and fully set-up in your home with excellence.

Having invested time, money and some design thinking into your very own piano you can rest-assured that our delivery processes are thorough, effective and efficient and we are delighted to have maintained a 100% nil-damage-to-date record since our first international delivery to Africa in 1987.

From Hong Kong to Hawaii, Los Angeles to Lagos, Budapest to Beijing, Cambridge to Connecticut, we look forward to delivering your piano to you!

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