From Conception to Delivery: How To Create Your Custom Piano

As mesmerising as it may feel at times, we know that there is a tried and tested journey that we all need to follow to help us arrive at the perfect custom piano solution for our specific requirements. Your unique musical masterpiece as we like to refer to it here at Edelweiss Pianos. One of the beauties of life is that we are all totally different individuals, with varied tastes, style preferences and design expectations – despite all this, with an experienced professional to guide us through a certain process we are perfectly able to help you discover the dream musical centrepiece you really want in your home. It’s a 10-step journey that is set out below:

#1 Space Allocation / Floor Plan

The first consideration for including a custom made piano in any project is what is the idea size piano for your planned ‘piano room’? Sometimes we even help our clients identify the most ideal self-playing piano locations for your home – and all that we need for this stage is a floorplan of your home! The depth of experience we have in our Design Team allows us to quickly identify the best ‘piano spots’ and from there our recommended piano size taking into account both the acoustic and aesthetic elements within your home.

#2 CAD Models

We sometimes call this the ‘Check It’ stage and this is particularly relevant if you are building or rebuilding a new home. For every one of our core unique piano models, we are able to provide a 3D CAD file of our recommended self-playing piano model for your interior. This allows you, or your interior designer, to include an actual size Edelweiss Piano ‘shape’ into your 3D interior renders allowing both you and ourselves to double check that the suggested instrument is the correct proportions sizewise for your needs.

#3 Moodboards / Colour

With the ideal self-playing piano location and recommended piano size clarified, your custom piano journey becomes much more exciting. At this stage its very helpful to have copies of any moodboards / colour palettes that you or your interior designer are working from for the relevant piano room in your home. If your unique piano is for an existing, decorated and furnished room we really need to see photos of your proposed piano space so our Design Team can create a moodboard of design and colour options for your considerations.

#4 Final Render

Moodboards etc. created we undertake your custom Piano Design Appointment – this can be a meeting in person in your home, an appointment in either of our showrooms or a phone call. In this session we talk through the proposed design and colour options, hardware choices, other fabrics and furnishings in your piano room that we need to ensure your self-playing piano perfectly complements, etc. This conversation concludes with a final agreed draft design and is put to our InHouse Design Team to produce as a scaled 3D Render of the Final Design and sent to you for your approval.

#5 Client Input & Sign-Off

Your Final Render is emailed to you along with a detailed design & technical specification outlining all the options selected on your custom piano and a complete price breakdown showing the costs of each component part for your perusal. Any component can be removed or changed at your discretion – this is where we really need you decisive input so we can sign-off on your custom piano design and final price.

#6 Deposit Payment

Following your sign-off of your custom piano design, we will send you a Sales Order Confirmation confirming the design & custom details and a payment plan for your piano – we usually require a 50% deposit up-front, with the balance payment falling due on completion and before delivery. Whatever the agreed payment plan is for your piano, your deposit invoice will be included with your Sales Order Confirmation for your soonest attention. This is your commitment to the creation of your custom piano, and we need to have received your deposit payment before we proceed any further.

#7 Timeline Set

Every Edelweiss Piano is built to order which means that at the point you pay your deposit, your custom piano is not yet in existence! Following receipt of funds, the Production Spec for your self-playing piano is handed to our Production Director and our team begin crafting your unique piano as soon as we possibly can. You will receive a notification of expected completion date, although if you do require your piano by a certain date (birthday. anniversary, etc.) please do let us know and we will do everything we can to make your piano before then for you.

#8 In Production Updates

Your custom piano is now forming at the hands of the Edelweiss Master Craftsmen! all through this process you will be sent images from our Cambridge, UK factory showing production progress on your piano – if you want to make the visit to see it in person, you are very welcome: we love showing people ‘the works’ in our 10,000 ft2 factory.

#9 Final Payment

The week your custom made piano is due to complete our production process, you will receive your balance invoice – this needs to be settled before your piano is released for delivery. With your unique piano fully assembled our team will send you photos and videos allowing you to experience your unique musical masterpiece for the first time.

#10 Delivery

Following receipt of balance payment funds, your piano is handed over to our Logistics Team for delivery and installation into your home. At this point we consider production of your custom piano to be fully complete and all details of your piano and any conversations we may have had relating to ongoing piano care are passed to our TotalCare Team. Over the next few days you will receive a phone call asking for your most convenient and/or inconvenient delivery dates to book in your pianos delivery. Once installed and set-up, our TotalCare Team will be in touch to guide you through the ideal care schedule and discuss your ongoing self-playing piano care options with you.

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