FOCUS ON: The G50 Sygnet

The smallest acoustic grand piano in the world, the Edelweiss G50 Sygnet is the most popular self-playing grand piano from the Edelweiss Range. Small enough to fit, big enough to perform and all encapsulated in a stunning designer cabinet; the G50 self-playing piano is the perfect musical masterpiece for any interior.

Our customers often ask, why do we make such a ‘small’ bespoke piano …? The short answer is because we are one of the few companies in the world who can, but it actually goes a lot deeper than that.

It all began by listening to our customers

Since 1975 we are honoured to have hand-crafted and rebuilt some of the world’s finest pianos for discerning individuals all over the globe. Typically our pianos resided in country mansions, villas, ranches, palaces – large family homes where our customers spend their downtime. These exclusive havens of relaxation are spacious, exquisite and have more than sufficient space to perfectly accommodate a boudoir or even a full concert self-playing grand piano.

Being successful business people, several of our customers also had their ‘work’ home – a luxurious city apartment or penthouse in London, New York, Hong Kong, Paris where space is at much more of a premium. Leaving a home full of beautiful custom piano music to head to a penthouse of silence is not enjoyable and over the years we received more and more requests: do you have a self-playing piano small enough to fit …?

Why Custom-Made is Perfect

Every single Edelweiss self-playing piano is handmade to order, and delivering a totally bespoke one-off commission is exactly what Edelweiss Pianos is all about: but, could we make a piano small enough to fit …?

One of our team remembered the late piano company, Strohmenger & Sons, which before it folded in the 1960s used to build very small, semi-circular profiled grand pianos. Art-deco in style, these little Strohmenger grand pianos surprised with an exceptionally good sound and playing experience given their petite size. Our customers told us the little Strohmenger was a size that would work perfectly for them in their city dwellings: this was the very beginning of the G50 Sygnet concept.

With our extensive piano knowledge and expertise, we knew we could make any custom piano perform and sound perfectly within the capabilities of it’s size … but could our team of custom-build artisans make a tiny grand piano of similar proportions to the little Strohmenger? Yes, of course at Edelweiss Pianos we can!

The Birth of a Winner

It was 2006 when the first G50 Sygnet was released. Boasting a sleek butterfly design and delivering a warm, sonorous European tone and delightful playing experience, the Edelweiss G50 Sygnet was and still is an instant hit. Turning traditional pianos on their heads, now anybody can enjoy a premium self-play piano experience in their home whatever size castle, house, penthouse or flat they live in! The full Edelweiss G50 Sygnet Specification includes German ‘Strunz’ soundboards, German ‘Abel’ hammers, hand-wound British strings, Chinese cast frame and piano rim, self-play components from America and it all gets put together, regulated, voiced and finely tuned in our Cambridge UK factory.

Delivering on the exceptional Edelweiss self-playing experience and tonal range, the G50 comes with well established and time-proven piano credentials as standard – but it opens up even more interior design possibilities and customisation options than any traditional grand piano is able to! With a semi-circular footprint, this piano is designed to look amazing pushed back into a corner, or set as the centrepiece in the middle of any room. The images below show a few examples of just how unique you could make your Edelweiss G50 self-playing grand piano.

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