What are the additional functions I can add to my self-play system?

As well as self-play and climate control we are also able to offer additional functions to your piano. These include silent play which allows you to play the piano and listen via headphones so that others are not disturbed. We can also install playback allowing you to record your playing and then listen back. A fabulous addition to anyone learning or looking to perform.

What is silent play?

Silent play is a very popular feature – it adds a midi rail underneath the acoustic piano keyboard with optical sensors so there is no interference with the playing at all. Headphones are supplied and there is a great range of different voices as well as piano options and you can play silently to yourself with the acoustic piano muted. Kind to family members, younger siblings who need to sleep early,  neighbours, etc and great for you if you want to play privately some of the time?

Why would I choose to install playback?

It is a great addition – you can play, record, playback, listen and criticise, save or delete, re-play, play-back , listen etc… a great musicians tool! Or just record and save and hear you family still play your piano when they are away or have left home … Or replay that evening performance time and time again… Real piano playing on your own piano whenever you want to remember it!

Do these additional systems need extra maintenance or servicing?

Silent play is a very popular feature – it adds a midi rail Not really – just an annual service and check over and this can be added to your TotalCare package on request.

What is the cost to fit silent play and playback functions?

Silent systems start at £3500 and with the playback and record additions can be between £3500 and £6000 – these of course are the best state-of-the-art systems built for musicians and music-lovers to use and enjoy.