Exploring the perfect ‘Britishness’

Britishness, often described as unique, like no other. Ultimately about shared values of tolerance, absolute fair play, democracy, freedom and complete respect. Of course other Countries have similar values and ethics but we seem to package it differently, right? Don’t we seem to go beyond general “niceness”?

So what do we think about when we think about packaging Britishness? The NHS, The BBC or Carry On Movies? So, we decided to come up with a list, maybe it’s because it is July and the time of Wimbledon with Strawberries and Cream. After the office brainstorm this is what we came up with!


Strawberries and Cream

Fish and Chips

Chelsea Pensioners

Yorkshire Pudding

Red Telephone Boxes

Afternoon Tea

A Pint of Bitter

Brylcream, Dinner Jacket and bow tie

Marmite soldiers

Prawn cocktail Crisps.

Finally, a new entrance to the list, one that embodies Britishness – Edelweiss Pianos! With this in mind we thought it would be good to blend heritage, culture, old and new. The Wimbledon theme tune on an Edelweiss Piano – a beautiful white transparent G66 Flugel piano, played by our Lewis, what more could you want? Sit back and enjoy…

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