Elmer: Celebrating Unique under the Edelweiss Name

A Piano to be inspired by from our 2020 Collection.

The original Elmer is a patchwork elephant created by David McKee. He exists to enlighten young children about the importance of individuality and to empower them to be themselves.

Elmer the piano, born under the Edelweiss name, was created for a higher purpose too: to showcase the vibrant palette of colours available to adorn pianos. Elmer was not supposed to be so beautiful: not supposed to render the discerning homeowner speechless with delight.

But in 2019, Elmer became a loving addition to many a home. It was only right, therefore, that we allow the stunning and unique Elmer to take its rightful place in our 2020 collection.

How to Celebrate 30 Years of Your Favourite Book

Mr Alastair Riley, one of our master craftsmen, had long been looking for a way to show piano colour choices to customers looking to buy Edelweiss. So, when Head of Design, Mark Norman learned this much-loved character is celebrating 30 years, he got out his sketchbook to make the perfect bespoke gift.

Our team have created a jumbo gem of a range for you. There are 10 different colours to choose from, including ‘Living Coral’ and ‘Classic Blue’ . These self-playing pianos are easily customised in 3 different styles and with 2 different veneers.

“When we were kids, we loved the story of Elmer. We wanted to bring some of the ideas in the book to life in our latest design – to embrace diversity!

People want to break away from the traditional muted colour palette and find something different. So, under the Edelweiss name, we brought them the world’s first multi-coloured Elmer the Elephant piano. “-Mark Norman 2019

Buy Edelweiss: Own a Stunning Musical Masterpiece

Regardless of what our pianos look like on the outside, you will still find the same exquisite attention to detail on the inside. It’s why we have been leaders in innovation for 45 years.

Elmer has 230 strings and each solenoid can touch the 88 keys at 1800 different speeds, or gradients of touch. So, each of the 1000s and 1000s of tunes you have at your fingertips play to perfection.

Sound good?

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