Edelweiss Named Finalist in Hospitality Interior Awards

The Brit List Awards, hosted by Hotel Designs, are highly respected globally for identifying the top influential interior designers, architects, hoteliers, and brands operating in Britain.

More than 130 individuals and projects are nominated for the 2021 awards with some new and exciting categories in the mix.

“One only has to look at this year’s entries to be able to see that Britain is a melting pot for creative design and authentic hospitality,” explains Hotel Designs editor Hamish Kilburn.

As well as awards for interior designer and architect of the year there is a section for the best in British suppliers where Edelweiss proudly takes a stand.

Edelweiss pianos have graced several hotel lobbies, entrances, ballrooms, cruise boats and entertainment spaces not to mention penthouses and restaurants. The self-play functionality coupled with the eye-catching design make Edelweiss Pianos a practical piece of furnishing to any commercial interior.

The joy of the self-play function is that the pianos sound and performed perfectly when both being played by a pianist and when set to play themselves. An establishment can get 100% entertainment from the pianos in their venue with or without a pianist on hand.

Winners are announced on the 3rd of November and selected by an expert panel of prestigious judges.

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