Did Someone Say Christmas …?

Yes, it is getting round to that time of year again: we can’t hide from the fact that Christmas is coming!

Christmas invokes so many happy memories and emotions for all of us … the memories of log fires, making snowmen, Christmas dinner, family times, happy moments, singing carols, wrapping presents, hanging up the stockings, decorating the tree:it is the time of year when we are all so conscious of the need to spread good-cheer and just celebrate the joys of living.

Grandfather Roy Norman founded Edelweiss Pianos, driven by a passion to share the joy of live music with everyone and we would love to share the joy of giving music with you this Christmas.

Celebrate the joy and happiness of owning an Edelweiss self-playing piano & make Christmas 2018 truly unforgettable

As we move through the last quarter of 2018, there’s four key aspects of working with Edelweiss self-playing pianos that we really wanted to share:


40 years have passed since we began our journey: we still give happiness, share the joy & create endearing memories through the live music of a self-playing piano


You too can give the joy of live music to your loved ones, friends and family


You too can enjoy an Edelweiss Piano and create a legacy of your own musical memories


You can make this Christmas an unforgettable memory filled with beautiful piano music from your new Edelweiss Piano

Want to find out moreabout what is available to you this Christmas? Click here and enjoy the magical journey.

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