Custom Commissions – Continuing In 2019

Following in on from our ‘January is Full of Colour’ update earlier this year – our team is delighted to continue handcrafting totally bespoke piano and musical masterpieces for our clients. Each Edelweiss Piano is an original in it’s own right and the design creativity of our customers continues to inspire our master artisans to keep pushing the boundaries of our craft and continuously build and deliver exceptional pianos all over the globe.

Transparency in design is definitely trending in musical style this year: in the last week alone we have completed three Edelweiss custom made transparent pianos – two G66 Flugel self-playing grand pianos and one U49 Klavier self-playing upright piano. In addition we have completed what is becoming almost the ‘classic Edelweiss’ style – an G62 Flugel in classic black with custom red interior. Check out the pictures below – which one is your favourite?

Black &

Full Piano Specification:

Model: Edelweiss G62 Flugel

Colour: Classic Black

Custom: Red Frame, Red Inside Rim, Black Soundboard


Full Piano Specification:

Model: Edelweiss Transparent G66 Flugel

Colour: n/a

Custom: White Frame, White Structure, White Keybed

Night Blue &
Brilliant White

Full Piano Specification:

Model: Edelweiss Transparent U49 Klavier

Colour: n/a

Custom: White Soundboard, White Pedalboard, Night Blue Frame, Night Blue Sides, Concealed LED mood lighting

Interested in working with Edelweiss Pianos? No matter what’s your idea, our expert artisans and master craftsman are on hand to advise and guide you every step of the way!

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