Creating The Perfect Mood With Music

We all know that feeling, we’re just chillin’ and then our favourite song starts to play. No matter what the day’s been like, how you’re feeling at the moment or what ever is looming over you tomorrow – right now, that song has made your mood perfect and you’re just running and ready to rock & roll!

Whoever we are, as humans our mood does change: the important thing is that we can take steps to ensure we create the perfect atmosphere for the mood we really want to be in at any given moment. An Edelweiss custom made piano is one perfect partner for helping you in this. From classical piano, to easy listening ‘croonies’ to garage band / disco music one Edelweiss Piano can help you craft the ideal atmosphere for your party/evening/dinner/wedding/event.

Suppose it’s Friday night. You’ve got work colleagues heading round your place for a drink later this evening. It’s been a tough week. Together you’ve put in some hard yards, some long hours. Together you went further and YOU WON that really big deal. And now, you really want to party away the night as you celebrate that winning feeling again. What do you want them to feel when they step through your door this evening …? Perhaps some easy listening classics to help everyone relax away the week – you know the Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Billy Joel type music before switching it up to maybe some ABBA, Elvis or DreamGirls as your celebration kicks off.

Picture a different scenario. You’ve invited your new neighbours round for dinner. It’s a full dress, roast beef occasion and your sommelier has suggested the most inviting wine list for you and your guests. The table is set, canapés are being prepared, and your guests are just pulling into your drive. Quick – switch on the Edelweiss piano!! Maybe something prestigious, impressive and classical from Chopin, Mozart of Beethoven to create a grand and inspirational first impression of your home. As the evening progresses, maybe some instrumental only version of popular grammy hits would work well before finishing off with perhaps some Michael Bublé, Barry Manilow or Rod Stewart?

Imagine birthdays, weddings, karaoke evenings, family nights … you get the picture; with an Edelweiss Piano you will enjoy all the benefits of having a self-playing piano with the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Want to start creating your own self-playing piano and musical centrepiece?? Check out our online Piano Configurator right here and get in touch on +44 (0)1223 881691 or email if you need any further support.

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