Creating My Own Musical Masterpiece: Laura’s Story

As humans we are all unique. Deep inside us we have a desire to berecognisedfor the special, unique individual we really are. We express ourselves in somany different ways: the car we drive, the way we dress, how we talk, the perfume we choose … but more and more we arerealisingthat the ultimate statement of who you are could be your very own, totallycustom-built Edelweiss self-playing piano.This is the story of one customer’s bespoke Edelweiss G50 Sygnet.

A Day Out in Harrods

It all began with a day out in Harrods. Dedicated to nurturing the best out of her students through another academic year, Laura, a teacher by profession, was taking full advantage of the school’s summer break to spend some time with her mother in London. Today was ‘Harrod’s Day’ and the agenda had two fixed items: visit Toy Kingdom and stop for the famous Harrods Afternoon Tea! There would however be one major distraction to the whole day …

Browsing the third floor on her way up to Toy Kingdom, Laura and her mother discovered Edelweiss Pianos.

Wow – It Can Really Do All That?

Fascinated by a piano plays itself, Laura and her mother stopped marvelling at the player piano’s keys moving up and down by themselves. When they realised they could choose a song on the iPad and then the piano would actually play it, they were hooked. Half an hour passed, an hour … totally immersed in the music, Laura and her mother were lost to the world. What a great first date!

Pleasantly Affordable

Our conversation continued, discussing some of the beautiful pianos that Edelweiss have been privileged to have custom manufactured for our discerning clients. We explored personalisation possibilities that Laura would have if the moment arose for her to include a beautiful Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano and designed a stunning black and red Edelweiss G50 Sygnet with bespoke inscription of Laura’s initials on the music desk, and all for less than £35,000.

Finding Absolute Perfection

For Laura, this was perfection: a product they hadn’t even thought about when they first entered Harrods, it was exciting, it was enjoyable, it wastotallybespokedto exactly how she wanted it, she felt it waspleasantlyaffordable and could envision thelifetime of music and happy memories she would have with the piano. The rest, as they say, is history and her piano (shown in these pictures) was an absolute delight for our team to manufacture.

At Edelweiss Pianos we believe a self-playing piano is about more than just music, it’s a musical masterpiece uniquely created by you that merges your tastes in design, art, sculpture and music into one beautifulcentrepiece.Our friendly team is available on 0044 (0)1223 881691 or just email us onsales@edelweisspianos.comand we’ll be in touch.

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