Colour-Matched Perfection with a Custom Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano

That amazing feeling when the final piece falls perfectly into place … a unique combination of happiness, satisfaction, pride, relief and success all blurring into one euphoric moment. That’s what taking delivery of your own, totally custom Edelweiss self-playing piano feels like. This was made exclusively for you. You chose every detail: the size, the colours, the designs.

This is your unique musical masterpiece

Here at Edelweiss Pianos, your inspiration, your dreams, your visions, your ‘you’ is what drives such amazing musical creativity. Even though every Edelweiss custom piano is a very special handbuilt self-playing piano in it’s own right: we believe an Edelweiss piano is always about so much more than just music.

The bespoke Edelweiss G66 Flugel pictured here is the perfect example of the ‘Edelweiss Studio’ in action. From our first meeting in Harrods, right through the final delivery of your bespoke piano, our customer was fully involved every step of the way.

A case of love at first sight, our customer knew they had to have an Edelweiss self-playing piano in their UK home – but what colours/style/design should it be? A Piano Design Appointment in our clients home was scheduled in to finalise just what their personal piano needed to look like and the finished instrument is just stunning!

Full Custom Piano Specification:

Carcase perfectly colour-matched to our customer’s Meridian speakers in a high gloss Pearl Beige,

Beautiful Raspberry inside rim and frame are inspired by the feature cushions gracing the sofa’s in this spacious sitting room

The large, airy windows ensured that using transparent lid, legs & lyre would enhance the spacious, ‘natural-light’ feel in this delightful interior.

Custom piano is an Edelweiss G66 Flugel Grand Piano with Virtuoso Self-Play System & Climate Control

Achieve the home of your dreams by designing your own furniture. With Edelweiss Pianos Configurator you will be able to design your own self-playing upright piano, self-playing grand piano, or self-playing baby grand piano, Edelweiss pianos and bring music to life. Pull up your music list, swipe to select your album, and watch as the keys of your custom piano magically come alive.

Go to our online Piano Configurator and create the piano you’ve always dreamed of!

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