Our main collection features the most popular and on trend colours, finishes and styles. Our Collection Pianos are available with short lead times and can be customised to your requirements using our online configurator.

The Liquid MODA

An art form with a fourth dimension.

A minimalist design raised on a monolithic-style trestle in a patinated bronze finish, which supports the contrasting smooth, curvaceous, matt finished body, all fitting within the monochromic colour palette.

The LIQUID MODA in Purbeck Stone and Liquid Bronze.

Dimensions: Width: 146cm, Height: 169cm, Length: 168cm

The Original

230 strings. 88 notes. 11 colours. 3 styles. 2 veneers. 1 stunning musical masterpiece. Welcome to The Original. An eclectic mix of cleff, deco and contemporary style legs support the semi-circular Sygnet form, with the single transparent butterfly wing adding an exquisite touch to this unique statement piece.

An iconic musical art creation.

Dimensions: Width: 150cm, Height: 148cm, Length: 132cm

The Classic Flügel

The Flügel G66 is a boudoir grand with elegant classical styling tastefully enhanced by the careful addition of colour creating an alluring design statement, it is also long enough to have a tail giving it that majestic longer grand look.

This piano is a favourite with musicians for its beautiful sonorous tone and lively responsive touch.

Shown here in Black & Gold, it is also available in other colour combinations and the larger G75 size.

Dimensions (G66) Width: 146cm, Height: 169cm, Length: 168cm

Dimensions (G75) Width: 151cm, Height: 173cm, Length: 190cm


Based on the Flügel G66, take this classic piano design and add some geometrical forms to it to create an entirely new form of classic. The MODA gives you the ability to be as different as you want to be, yet still keep that link with tradition. Various special colour schemes and options are available uniquely with this design.

Dimensions: Width: 146cm, Height: 169cm, Length: 168cm

The Transparent Flügel

Take a classic design and clad it in clear acrylic and it takes on a whole new dimension. Depending on how you choose to style it, the see-through qualities enable it to beautifully compliment any interior or alternatively be the stunning centrepiece.

The high quality tonal interior parts – your guarantee of the outstanding EDELWEISS performance – are clearly visible within

Available in different colour schemes, it also comes with fully integrated LED lighting which can sync in time with the music should you really want it to come to life.

Dimensions:  Width: 146cm, Height: 169cm, Length: 168cm

Looking for a variation to these designs? A custom colour, veneer or adjustment to the model? Use our configurator to design you own!