It can be difficult to monitor the environmental fluctuations and protect your piano manually. Checking room temperature or humidity levels daily is not always sustainable. Ideally you want to ensure the room where your piano is placed is approx. 18-20°C or 70-72°F. A dry climate or humid room can damage the piano wood, glue, and components.

Read of FAQs on the benefits of integrated climate control and the possibilities of the advanced system Edelweiss offers;

Fluctuations in temperature – and the associated affect on humidity – caused by seasonal changes can negatively impact your piano. Some of the signs the environment is damaging your piano are:

  • A sluggish action caused by moist conditions
  • Dry air can cause loose or wobbly action parts and make the touch uneven and noisy
  • Likewise, pin-blocks can be distorted, and wrest-pins loosened by dry conditions making stable tuning impossible.  
  • In an extreme case this can cause a cracked soundboard
  • Rusted pins and tarnished strings area a sign of too much moisture in the air and can lead to string breakages etc
  • Sticking keys and action parts are caused by moisture both swelling key bushing felts and tarnishing the silver-pin pivots in the action
  • If your piano frequently or quickly loses its pitch and needs re-tuning it could be caused by humidity adversely affecting the piano in various areas – whereas if the environment is sympathetic the whole piano stays constant and reliable.

Firstly, an integrated system reduces the requirement to manually set and check the temperature in the room or setting. This is perfect if you are in a location where climate varies by season or especially when the piano is being placed on a yacht or cruise boat where temperature has a significant impact.

We advise climate control is installed where underfloor heating is used. Heat coming from below the piano can cause the soundboard to dry and this would require substantial work to replace.

Secondly, it also can save you money and time in the long term. Ensuing the piano is maintained at optimum temperature prevents swelling of the wood, soundboard, rusting of the strings and sticking keys meaning that you need fewer service visits and less replacement parts. In addition is can also reduce your requirement for frequent tunings as pianos with well-maintained climate control tend to hold their pitch longer.

Yes, the climate control system can be installed into a piano you already own, subject to a workshop inspection by one of our highly experienced technicians. Depending on the situation, this can either be done on site or sometimes we would need to bring your piano to our Cambridge UK factory to undertake the works.

Apart from the regular check on water levels (a light flashes when it needs filling up) maintenance is taken care of by our Technicians under the TotalCare package, but where clients are not under TotalCare it is simply sorted themselves with clear instructions available for cleaning and regular filter changes, etc

Again it depends on the piano, the location and the size of system but as a guide between £850 and £2000

We advise that you follow some simple guidance to protect your piano from the elements. These include placing the piano away from drafty areas like windows or vents. Do not position the piano near a radiator or heater or if you have to make sure something else is in the way to avoid direct heat.

For particularly cold rooms add a rug to the floor underneath the piano legs as a form of protection. For underfloor heating a heat resistant rug is also an option – please discuss.

Avoid placing the piano in direct sunlight, and clean and dust the piano regularly. If your piano is subject to smoke, fire damage or flood damage we can also assist via our restorations company 1066 Pianos.

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Additional Features Available

TotalCare Maintenance and Servicing

We recommend you tune your piano every 6 months and service your self-play system every 12 months. Our TotalCare Piano Maintenance and Servicing operates Worldwide and starts from just £59 per month.