Classic Yet Contemporary Self-Playing Pianos

For more than 100years, the piano has stood out as a grandiose centerpiece in stately homes, castles, villas all around the world. Over the years the piano has been available in differing sizes, limited editions have been offered and manufacturers have come and gone – but one thing has remained enduringly consistent: pianos have nearly always been available in black, black or black. Tradition has been so strong that we now have a unique colour available: ‘piano black’.

At Edelweiss Pianos we embrace the heritage of traditional piano manufacture whilst ensuring we are fully abreast of current trends to ensure we always create the pianos of the future. Whether it is through our unique ‘All-Black’ Carbon Fiber actions, or our very 21st century ‘Elmer’ piano or a unique hand-painted textured piano; every piano handbuilt in our Cambridge UK factory embraces a long tradition of piano manufacture and takes it to the next level.

For some individuals, we understand that bringing in contemporary colours, finishes and styles can feel like a step to far when considering the traditional beauty of a classic grand piano. And then some of us can feel trapped in this gap between the traditional lovers and the contemporary trend-setters – if this is you, we’ve got your back!

Unofficially known as the Edelweiss ‘Your Classic’ option, this year nearly every classic black piano we have built has had a totally custom colour interior. This really is the best of both worlds brought together into one musical masterpiece; the time honoured black exterior brought to life with your choice of interior colour to add a splash of uniqueness and a real contemporary twist. What’s been popular? Black & Red, Black & Pearl Beige, White & Black, Black & Gold and even Black & Green are all colour options we have been commissioned to create, although black and red is by far the most favoured option.

What colour would you choose? Check out the options on our Piano Configurator, or if this sounds like the ideal piano option for you give us a call on +44 (0)1223 881691 or email and our team will be delighted to talk the options through with you.

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