Cherishing Happy Memories with an Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano

There’s nothing like great music to kick off a good time and bring back to life some of our happiest memories. Music does so much in us and for us as humans: it can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, calm our nerves, focus our minds, encourage exercise, increase our heart rate and make us feel so much better!

Perhaps most importantly of all, music can help us re-live some of our most cherished memories.

Think back to some of the most enjoyable memories of your life – what music/song was playing? And if you hear that song today, how do you feel / react?

Looking back over the Edelweiss bespoke piano journey so far we feel humbled and privileged to have created so many unique pianos and to have been able to share the joy of live music with so many people. We create happy, cherishable moments every day and that’s why our team come to work inspired, motivated and ready to help you. Amongst all the joyous moments, there is one particular memory that really stands out:

Captured on a cold winter’s day in the centre of Cambridge – if you don’t believe an Edelweiss bespoke piano can bring joy and happiness into your world, then just watch the reaction of totally unsuspecting passers-by when they stumbled across this Edelweiss G66 Flugel playing beautiful music all by itself outside St Mary’s Church, Cambridge UK.

Want a custom made piano in your home …? We’re only a call away on +44 (0)1223 881691 or email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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