Championing Truly One-Of-A-Kind Originals with Harrods

Working with our sister brand, 1066 Pianos, we are proud to be working with Harrods in their ‘Rarity’ campaign.

As reported in the Telegraph: Celebrating attention to detail on a personal level isan experience that customers can sometimes lose in today’s digital age, but that is something that Harrods’managing director Michael Ward hopes to change with the store’s Rarity celebration this summer.

“To me, ‘rare’ is a product or experience, unique in design or story, that may be one of very few left in existence or can only be experienced at a specific moment,” says Ward. “Most importantly, something rare should create lasting memories that you can treasure or can be treasured by future generations.”


A Genuine Original, Made in 1911

The Edelweiss featuring in this exquisite Rare Finds Portfolio is a totally unique, original ‘Empire Style’ Gaveau Grand Piano originally manufactured as a personal present in 1911. Autographed by Gabriel Gaveau, the founder of Gaveau Pianos himself – this very special piano is a genuine unrepeatable antique instrument that has undergone a sympathetic and extensive restoration at the hands of the Master Craftsmen at 1066 Pianos.

Gifted to the Baille de le Perriere family more than 100 years ago, this piano has been passed down through the generations until recently when space considerations meant there was no longer room for the piano to continue with the family. 1066 were delighted to take care of the instrument, and after more than 250 man-hours of detailed renovation, this piano is now available to purchase for the first time in its 107 year history.

Currently on display on the Third Floor in Harrods, please do pay us a visit or find out more on the Harrods website

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