Buy Clear! What is Authenticity if Not Transparency?

You want to know the truth behind the politician’s smile. You search for the real story behind what you read in the news.

People say you’re blunt, but you’re not sure why. Your friends and business associates call it ‘being authentic’. What is authenticity if not transparency?

It’s Time to be Clear on What You Need

You’re turning from the fluffed-up profiles on social media with a sigh. You want real people on podcasts and live videos.

Personalisation is no longer enough. It is not unique if everyone is wearing the same trainers marked with their face.

You’ve turned away from mass production. You want to know the voice behind the brands you buy from. Their values, their beliefs, their stories. You sign up to their newsletters to allow them to blend into the background knowing that they are there when you want them.

You want to show that you can see through ‘the fake’. You need to buy clear.

Buy Clear to be a Cut Above the Best

When light meets transparent furniture almost all of it passes through. This means that you can see the objects behind it.

When not in use, your transparent piano begins to fade into the background. Your eye naturally moves past and through its edges, as if by magic.

You don’t have to compromise on style either. Whether you prefer an Upright (Klavier) or a Grand (Flugel), it’s easy to gain clarity and buy clear.

How to join in the mix-it-up style for 2020

Made from crystal acrylic, our pianos are versatile enough to meet the demand of the most fashionable of 2020 homes. You can mix and match the transparency with natural timbers, or in-season colours like hot pink or classic blue. You can even take Elmer and add transparent components to bring your guests’ attention to other parts of the piano.

You will love your new piano’s rhythmic, responsive lights that are concealed within. They are the perfect way to add colour and only when you want to. But if you prefer a warm light glow, that is possible too.

Style and precision when you want it

As a company, we became famous for our exquisite attention to detail in making the finest of pianos that can even self-play.

We showed ourselves to be innovative leaders in excellence by putting our customers in charge and allowing them to customise and even design their own pianos from scratch. (That last being a well-kept secret, but you need to contact us directly if you’re contemplating such a thing).

With crystal acrylic, you can literally make your piano seem to disappear when not in use and light up like a disco ball in time for the party. You can use it to highlight the view from your balcony, or accentuate a colour that you love, as well as emphasising features on the piano itself.

With 2020 being the year to get back to nature, you can even throw your favourite wood into the mix.

Don’t just personalise. Be truly authentic. Buy clear.

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