Building Your Dream Piano

Are you an interior designer looking for that special statement piece for a project? You may already have incorporated a musical instrument into your design, but here at Edelweiss, you can choose a bespoke piano design which is completely unique to your client and your portfolio.

Our Creative Director, Mark Norman, and his team can collaborate with you to make the perfect piano for your project. There are a number of ways that we can work with you.

Talk to us about your project and client requirements with a budget between £50k and £300k. This could be for a custom piano made especially for you, or one for our models in our collection that can be selected for its look and size and then finished to your colour scheme and decor.

You can try our piano configurator here with your client to select size, legs, lids, colour scheme and other aspects to ‘build’ the piano piece that you are looking for. Or you could visit us at Harrods to see some of our collection in person, or Selfridges where we are displaying the Veri Peri design.

We can also provide you with 3D realistic renders or CAD models that can be inserted directly into your project drawings or we can send you printed templates that you can lay out on the floor to determine the best location and size.

Our creative team can design a sculptured piano to encompass your specific requirements to truly make a unique piece of artwork. There is a design fee for this option.

For all Edelweiss pianos, whether from our collection, using our configurator or commissioning a sculpture, there are many features that can be chosen. External and internal colours, leg shape, lid shape and opening mechanism, key colours (internal and external), body shape and size, strings, body materials – types of wood, décor such as inlays, marquetry, decoupage and jewels, or finishes of lacquer, gloss, matt, precious metals, and last but not least, a matching stool to accompany the finished piece!

We deliver worldwide and use a white glove service, door to door and of course, include set up, installing and tuning. We have a TotalCare subscription service that you can join to have regular tunings or maintenance.

Our portfolio includes high-end properties, villas, chalets, palaces and superyachts. You can join us for a lunch and learn to find out more about how we can help you here

We at Edelweiss get an enormous amount of pleasure out of making special and unique pianos for our clients, that they will love and cherish for many years, and we enjoy providing the next level in bringing together music and artwork with our musical art entertainment systems and bespoke design statements and sculptures.

For more information on our bespoke projects and how we work with Interior Designers click the link below.

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