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Edelweiss Pianos at Loveday Kensington, Senior Living.

The benefits of music on the brain and lifestyle have long been recognised in medical studies. Research shows that music helps concentration, muscle tension, pain, depression, anxiety, memory, and communication skills.

Enjoying music in a relaxed setting can inspire the mind and have a huge positive impact on an individual’s mental health. We have seen this in our most recent collaboration with LoveDay & Co, London’s only senior members club.

Loveday provide specialist tailored dementia and senior living care, as well as respite, day care and homecare within London. Its services have recently been rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Quality Care Commission. They are also at the forefront of engaging new technologies into their homes which enhance members wellbeing. One of these is the new EDELWEISS self-play piano situated at the newly opened Kensington residence.

Head of Member Lifestyle and Activities, Robert Speker, speaks to Edelweiss about the Sygnet baby grand, self-play piano installed in their Kensington location which opened its doors in March.

‘Music is an important feature of life, so it was natural to want a beautiful baby grand piano in our new residence in Kensington. The beauty of the Edelweiss is that it can self-play via the wonderful medium of wi-fi but is also used by staff, Members and visiting entertainers. Already it has been used as part of a violin/piano duo, a jazz band and a solo pianist/vocalist. The residents have even started having piano lessons – it’s never too late to learn’. Says Robert.

Robert Speker, who has won awards for his role as head of activities and lifestyle, leads the entertainment program at the Kensington, London residence.

Located opposite Kensington Square, the home benefits from luxury suites with private gardens, a roof top terrace café, cinema room, library, spa and dedicated activities room. As well as the superb surroundings the care and activities offered by Loveday exceed expectations.

Robert goes on to say ‘Music is an essential resource, especially when working with people living with dementia. The power of music can be seen on a daily basis as it taps into part of the memory and can imbue all sorts of feelings and reactions. I find playing is a certain way of relieving stress, for me and hopefully for anyone listening! It is also so pleasurable to play a tune on the piano and residents will participate, sometimes quite spontaneously, in song, dance, clapping their hands or with beaming smiles as they recognise and enjoy a tune.’

The March open day saw members being entertained by an opera singer, string quartet, violin and piano due and pianist with a eclectic mix of musical tastes. Robert explains.

‘At Loveday, we encourage all genres of music, allowing our residents to listen to all different artists from classical all the way to modern day so that they have a connect with current music and trends. Residents are no longer necessarily from the era of Dame Vera Lynn and we have many who enjoy a bit of 60s and 70s music including The Beatles, Abba and the Rolling Stones; but even more modern artists such as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.’ All available via the self-play system from Edelweiss Pianos.

Loveday and Co have two residences, Chelsea Court Place and Loveday Kensington. Notting Hill and Abbey Road will both open later this year and finally Belgravia in 2023.

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