BREAKING NEWS : The Edelweiss Piano Collection Is Coming

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is a defining moment for Edelweiss Pianos in 2019. Always at the forefront of the piano industry, courageously pushing musical boundaries, our company has a reputation for continuous innovation, exceptional piano designs and beautiful instruments.

Never forgetting the centuries old heritage of fine piano making and always respecting of the legacy of piano ownership we believe in continuing the very best of time-proven processes and intertwining it with the unique manufacturing capabilities of the 21st century to always be creating the pianos of the future. This exciting announcement is no exception.

For more than a decade, Edelweiss Pianos have offered our customers the opportunity to completely design and create their own piano using our online Piano Configuration tool. We believe it’s all about you, your tastes, your designs, your preferences and are delighted to continue to offer this extremely useful tool to our clients today. And now, we are taking it one step further:

This is the ‘Edelweiss Collection’

A new space where you are in even greater control of your Piano Design Studio with trending design & style knowledge at your fingertips!!

Creating your own Edelweiss custom piano can prove a daunting task without the guidance of a piano expert or an interior design in fact most customers we work with enjoy the support of both these people. The Edelweiss Collections provide you with:

A trending colour palette of 10 inspirational colours

A simplified suggestion of on-trend design concepts separated into 5 distinct collections


The most ‘simple’ yet very visual and effective way of personalising your custom made piano is to say it with colour. Featuring our current trending colour palette, this collection showcases how you can express yourself with colour and your Edelweiss Piano – this is making musical art at its best!


For the more adventurous, explore changing the outlines and physical appearance of your bespoke piano with the options featured within our Design & Style Collection – from suspending your Edelweiss piano on a tower to alternate mounting options for your piano lid, this collection can be used in addition to the Colour & Style suggestions to create your very own truly stand-out custom piano.


Sometimes an exquisite interior is best brought to life with an invisible centrepiece – which is just what the Transparent Beauty collection provides! Music, transparent components and concealed music-activated LED light effects come together into one to make a truly unique, invisible masterpiece.


Hailing back to the heritage of ‘art-case’ piano manufacture, the Exotic Veneer collection features a short list of on-trend veneers for your artistic consideration. Will you prefer to veneer your entire Edelweiss piano, or will just veneering one or two component elements give you your desired unique piano aesthetic?


The core Edelweiss Piano Range is still fully available – the Classic Black range comprises of all our standard Edelweiss piano models available in their classic, purest form. Time honoured, this is the collection of classic pianos providing timeless style and that will be perfectly at home in any interior.

Check all Edelweiss models in our Pianos Gallery and choose you favourite one.

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